Lvl 92 active looking for strong alliance

I donate 500 k daily, looking for a alliance with canon , knights , barricade permanent boost and also team work during war seasons  …ign deschambeaultmathieu 


we are he BEST
WE put the   in best
IGN: Darren795

Guild info plz…what’s the minimum donation requirement and boost active?

Join Little HUNS. we have Knights, Archers, Barricade, Ogre as permanent boost. Cannon boost available during Ninja league and War season. We are trying to get wolf boost permanent (Need good donating players for that). We won 2nd rank in last war season. Minimum donation is 150K. The alliance is set to apply to join so you can apply if you like to join us :slight_smile:  

Join mine look up for ingame name: dath_dorl btw your invite / friend it off

Beginning is aways available for you - I think we might be a little low for your consideration though. We are planning to have storm cannon and tough barricade active in the war season and blazing knight activated during ninja event. Nevertheless, we always have a space for you. :wink:

Modern warriors vip will accept you

We have 2 rules, donate EVERYDAY and fight ALL war battles not just min 3 or get booted

We have 100% active members

Many spend cash

Very friendly active alliance, we booted 15 members for not fighting ALL BATTLES 

24/7 boosts we have are, knights, archers, cannons, barricades, ogres, warewolves 

Send us a request to join

Alliance name: modern warriors vip

United Invincibles has Knights Cannons Barricades 24x7 active throughout and will activate Wolf during Ninja Event, rather Zombie Event. During War, we activate Ogre and Wolf too, also extend certain war boosts if needed. Contact: KK Star