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Hi Devs,

Any chance one day to have OR released in the Mac App Store (for Mac, MacBook and iMac)?

Is the “sandboxing” requirement the reason why it isn’t available?


because Mac is not popular at all. that why on Mac from year 1995 to 2005 not much video game was on Mac. Only PC compatibility. Honestly your post is the only time I have heard of Mac since 1999 or around. You don’t have watch the 2 movie with Steve Job or read the biography of Steve Job on wikipedia? Mac was close dead before live. Steve Job got too much trouble when he have create Mac. So the project himself was a fail since the beginning. So today if Mac have survive probably because of the new CEO of the company when Steve have gone who have work on this project

i don’t have check on google but I am sure today people have more a PC, PC laptop, Iphone,Ipad,etc… Mac,Macbook and IMac (first time I heard this term) are forget or just a minority have that 

but just by curiosity i will go check on google about this 


Interesting I found this. That show Mac is probably close dead again :

Apple neglect the Mac Pro since 3 years. So I don’t think Flaregames like CaptainMorgan will invest time to develop game on a device where only 1% or less people use a Mac

the minority who use a Mac probably for school or something else. Nobody play on a Mac for gaming

Awkwardly enough, I do use Mac atm and would really love the game to be released for it. I do prefer Ipad indeed, but it is currently smashed and I cant use my PC for it is not portable. So instead I have to use the remote connection to my PC to play OR… Which isnt optimal, as you may guess. Chances are, indeed, that it will never happen, but I would still join the request.


P.S. I do know about parallels and all, but do not want to mess with the integrity of the bricky Mac system. Pls, lets avoid turning it into PC/Mac hollywar competition :).

I would think the port from iOS to OS X would be fairly easy, but I’m not a developer. 

Land apple is one of the 3 or 4 largest companies in the world, so I’m not sure what warriornator is on about. They had issues 30 years ago, but that was 30 years ago. 

Hey guys,

I’m afraid that at the moment there are no plans to bring the game to Mac.

You’re right, Mac OS X is not popular because the hardwares/devices are expensive. They’re real performance beasts though.

(I know you like Diablo.) Do you still have your Diablo II/III CD/DVD? Mines are compatible with both Windows and OS X.

4K display is popular nowadays, but do you know the iMac comes with 5K Retina display? I would be in awe by watching Mt Olympus and its villagers in 5K.

Many popular Mac games are available on the Mac App Store, Steam,, etc.:

I think the reason is the “sandboxing” requirement and maybe money too:’t-have-the-applications-you-want/

What about Steam? Is OR a portable oriented game? Are you targeting more portable than desktop devices?

I also use a Mac at home, it’s my preferred OS.

It’s very unlikely we will port to Steam, at least in the near future. There is always a lot of complications which come with such moves, as well as the maintenance and updates of multiple platforms with a live game.

Are there any updates on a possible application for Mac?

We are a group of friends that plays on iOS but we would also play on our Macs!



Hi Tilose ?️,

Please do not necromancer old threads. There is probably a reason they are dead.

However, as CaptainMorgan stated, there are no plans to release the game for Mac. Sorry about that.

Thank you and have a good day.

any upodate for macbook ushers…?

I’m afraid there is currently still no plan to port to MacOS.