Magic Chests - War Rewards when to open?

hello community, today while playing I taught myself a lesson I wont soon forget


I received an epic magic chest after a battle and excitedly opened it immediately


the very first reward I got was an epic food reward for only 213 :slightly_frowning_face:


my next 2 rewards were irrelevant but the last reward happened to be a LEGENDARY food reward for only 213. which actually gave me nothing because the first reward filled my silo


the saddest part is I had 4 full farms too that I could have grabbed BEFORE opening my chest.


MORAL OF THE STORY: only open your magic chests with an empty or full silo! :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: can anyone confirm you wont get food rewards with a full silo?


EDIT: magic chests work just like chamber of fortune. you wont get food rewards when you have full silo and you wont get gold rewards when you have full treasure chamber

Yes i do always like this, i wait to have full silo (doesn’t matter if farms are full too, the silo is the main protagonist) to get fantastic rewards, today for example from the epic chest i got 44 gems, 14 pearls, 2 items good but not good as i wear, thanks to this simple trick.  :slight_smile:

Also if you have full treasure chamber and silo both filled at max work better.

thanks oPelle for that confirmation. good to know they work similar to chamber of fortune

Full treasure chamber and silo and you will get either gears , vouchers , pearls or gems :slight_smile:

With full silo once i got 20pearls+20 pearls + somegold.


Also i am not sure about this thing but when i open lot of chests(including fortune chamber) within short period of time then the rewards are less worthy.


So i saved the chests and opened them next day that time i got some good rewards. Did anyone noticed the above?

I incline to the fact that it is totally random what you find, doesn’t matter if you open them in a row or 10 min after or 1 day later( that 1 day to open it is very long, i can’t resist xD - in my case for example i wait only to have full silo and i find always good stuff)

thanks for the tips as a learner its nice to have helpful people who are generous with their knowledge

hi, I’m still relatively new to the game. I didn’t know you could save the magic chests. how do you do that? are you talking about the same chests that you choose 3 out of 6 after raiding someone’s castle and 3 of them are possible fails with skulls? if you save them does it drop the bad chests with skulls in them?

Hi thecyclone88,


Magic Chest and Normal Chest are 2 different things although you can find similar things into them.

Magic Chest can be obtained during Alliance Wars by reaching some defeault checkpoints set by the game (an example when you reach 1,000 skulls you unlock the first magic chest when you reach 2,000 skulls the second and so on). However the Magic Chests earned during War Season can be left unopened also after that Alliance War finishes. They will never dissapear.

Normal Chests have nothing related with that because are the usual chests you open after you destroy the castle gate.



Like this topic

Everyone should know this!!

What’s the maximum amount of war-chest one can save??

infinite imo


Yup! sadly it was. With the new update it has changed. War chests has a lifetime of ~ 13 days.


Just wanted to update.

few month ago that’s what I was doing open chest one by one but someone in my alliance told me to stack them up

Now during War I stack them. with 2.1.0 now you wait 2 days and stack the 13 or 16 free chest (If you can) and after the War

when your worker and list are empty. Enjoy :slight_smile:

For me its more pleasurable than one by one chest. You got like 12 millions in gold and be full,maybe between 65-100 gems,between 10-60 voucher, between 500-1000 pearls,and all Hero items

Your feel well rewarded after hard work in War. Your taste the victory!!!

But when I pick a chest to me is written that will expire between 2g and a friend of mine expires every 14g why?

Chests won in war have 14 days lifetime, the rest of chests (from daily rewards, videos or from friends) have 2 days of lifetime.

but when i win a chest from war. It has a lifetime of 2g like the other.