magic chests

It looks like they made the skull count for legendary chests, not hard but literally unrealistic. I wanted to see what others were experiencing now that we nearly finished the season.

Not beautiful things (neither 1 single best item than what i wear and i found lot of items all common, normal nothing right to change with what i have), i can say that the most common thing is bread and gold as usual and “useless” sometimes because they give you very low bread or gold which you can’t do neither 1 raid. 

but yes something little and very little rewards there are but not exiciting. Also the 3 last legendary chests don’t promise to find all legendary thing but only one so the other 4 items will be totally causual and it’s very sad since it requires lot of skulls (60k to start getting legendary chests) and then open and maybe find some common things…

Most probably i will never reach such an amount of skulls, 60k is totally crazy, i’m half way for the 30k only…

I’m also around 30k, that’s with every fight dedicated to 800 plus skull target entire war, that’s max targets I even see, not to mention the most fiefdom fights I’ve ever had at least three or 4 per round…

Season 13 was very hard for us and we had a lot of wars. I did fight a lot and was arround 30k Skulls. I am wondering if there is a bug with the skull counting for the chests? In the explanation is written that every skull counts but this is not true because if I’m attack someone twice in one war there is for the chests only the “2” % counted like in the war itself. In the level we are fighting we can get 800-850 Skulls each fight.

Look that the written “every skulls counts” it’s a figure of speech…means that every skulls you do during war season may determine your total skulls to get rewards (magic chests). It isn’t related to the main rule of 2% from the total skulls that you can gain from opponent king.  :grinning:

Yes, if it was literally every skull counts it would be more realistic, and still a challenge. Point is that the skull count to get the chests is literally unnatainable with the current system in play and thsi needs to change.

The skull counts for legendary (and some other) chests have been reduced in one of the latest server updates. 


Still, the highest chests will still be outside reach for most “regular players”, and are reserved to heavy grinders and war champions. IMHO, that’s totally fine, those spending tons of gems on food and many hours getting skulls for their alliance should get a few more chests than the average “top3 raids only” war participant. 


The minimum possible loot for the chest rewards (especially the better chests) is something comparably more questionable I’d say.