Magic Sheild

I thought of a new idea!

A magic sheild tower! (I don’t know what the name would be.)

But basically it amsorbs magic energy (or maybe blocks the use of spells, one or the other), but the result is you can’t use spells while your King is near the tower. 

It would add a really new element to the game.  And it would be great for putting in tower clusters.

How can i destroy the tower if it blocks my spells? So i have to use only troops losing time since currently the only troops that might destroy a tower fast are: Ogre/Stunning Ogre, Cannon/Storm Cannon. Then it absorbs energy from where? Is there a mechanism behind it? I don’t know if could be great i mean you find a curve and in this curve there are 6 towers where 2 of them are Magic Shield Tower 1 in the right corner and 1 in the other corner, knowing that it blocks my spells i can’t destroy neither 1 tower because all 6 towers “are protected” because i can’t cast spells so i can’t do anything.

And i don’t think that if put 2 Gargoyle Nests and 2 Skull Towers, mine troops will be so fast to destroy 6 towers without dying since i can’t react.

Maerique, did you just come back to make me differ with you again?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna laugh :wink:


Exactly!  You’re suppoed to use your troops!  It’s kind of stupid.  In the whole game I hardly ever use my troops.  I just run ahead hitting towers with spells with my troops lagging far behind.  They rarely even catch up by the time the castle gates come down and it’s stupid.  This would add a new element to the game.

Then you gotta share the secret about how you can manage to raid a full base with your king going solo!

I mean, I bet many of us are not able to do that, I can only raid a base when I combine both the units with my king and his spells:

-My king going solo won’t go anywhere, he’ll die or run out of time before reaching the courtyard

-My units going alone won’t make it either, they usually destroy buildings slowly and they have difficulties against waves too


Maybe you scroll a lot or something. I’ve seen a lot of gameplays from different players and you’re the first I see saying he can win using only his king.

If you take away my units I know I’ll never be able to defeat a base of my level.

That tower is a terrible idea, I really mean it. Everyone would just need to place a few of them on his base and suddenly raiders won’t be able to cast spells anywhere!

And let me tell you something: If that tower existed, then you’d never be able to defeat a base again, you’re units will stay “lagging far behind” as always, but now you won’t be able to use your spells to let your king go anywhere…

Hahaha I almost died laughing. Maybe his king took some classes with Chuck Norris or Rorion Gracie.



I never, ever scroll…

Well I did twice, my finger slipped and hit the scroll button…

I use my heal spell as much as absolutely possible.

But basically how it works is…

Initially my frosters and archers kill off the first few werewolves and ogres. 

Then I’m usually attacking an L shaped base, simply because Flaregames hasn’t rebalanced the game to weaken the L shaped base and provide more variation in game play…  (But I digress.)

Anyway, after killing off the first 2 or three waves as a group…  We usually haven’t even really entered the L yet.  So I will run far ahead of my troups, but I continue spawning archers and frosters who never really make it beyond the bottom of the L, but they throw down enough cover fire to keep the defending ranged units engaged.  So ideally I never really encounter any ranged units.  By the time I’ve run around the top of the L and am reaching the bottom again, I start spawning cannons.  They proceed up the L and clean out any towers I ran past.  But usually by the time the canons have reached the castle wall I’ve already destroyed it by running in tagging it with a sonic blast and fire or frost then running out and healing repeatedly.  The key is to time it so that your sonic blast and fire/frost hit the spawning troops the moment they emerge. 


P.S. I don’t know how long this strategy will work, but I’m a level 87 this has basically been my strategy since level 1.


Oh, and note, it feels good to be disagreeing again!  :slight_smile:

On that note: you’re absolutely wrong! 

If you’re spells don’t work you’d ned to rely on your troups and your ability to kick bombs back etc…

Plus obviously, the more magic shield towers you have up the less towers would be doing damage. 

Your response hasn’t been thought out in the slightest.

Actually it was, because I knew that you were going to answer exactly that. It’s the “obvious first problem” you might find on my argument, but it actually isn’t bad, you’re the on who has to think about it more. Let me show you:

Your units are out of discussion as that tower won’t make a difference, you units will still lag far behind because of the waves, so obviously you can’t rely on them. As you don’t have units, you must be careful of bombs, but you can’t kick them back as it would be a huge waste of time, so the best is to move your king alone relying on your spells to advance… Oh, wait, you can’t! Because now there’s a tower that doesn’t let you use spells, and the king with his sword won’t do much against anything… Less towers doing damage? Maybe, but a sonic blast is way more dangerous than the king going solo (and again, your units won’t be there). So, you have to see that a king with a spell can damage many towers while the king alone can’t do much. It’s much easier to destroy a group of towers with spells, that having your king to destroy them one by one, even when this tower might be weak, it will take you muuuuuuch time…


No!  Just No! 

The point is if you’re king can’t beat the towers then he’d have to hang back near the front lines and fight with his troups.

How is this not common sense?

It’s not common sense because you said your units lag far behind while you raid with your king going solo, You say your tower would make players need their troops, but it’s not possible to have them both fighting with other ranged units and helping you to destroy towers. It happens on every base with at least one chokepoint, if your units meet a wave there, they’ll get stuck, your ranged units will attack the other side while melee units might get slowed by frosters or be killed. Then you have the option to scream, but your ranged units will most likely keep attacking in the chokepoint while the melee units will finally move (if they survive), but then it’s also possible for you to meet another wave in front of you or an obstacle. So coming back for your troops or trying ot move them with you can be a big waste of time too.


Why do I try…

Pearls gone…


I don’t like the fact that the most effective way I’ve found to attack is by abandoning my troups! 

I’m trying to fix an imbalance that I am exploiting.

I’m trying to beat my own strategy.

I’m trying to make it impossible to play the way I currently play.


And up there I was trying to spell it out so there was not possible way to misread what I said.

Oo yeah please maerique only use your troops and king destroy my base,and dont bother use any spell on every corner of my base,if there is that tower u said,i would put it at every corner

Lets see if u can :grinning:

Edit* oh yeah after that u wanna suggest to flare to buff troops so we can beat any base that have any tower that u just suggest, :slight_smile:


Thank you!  That would be the proper use for my tower! 

That’s two votes for my tower! 

And that’s coing from a level 93 player!  That’s got to mean something!

Lol, you must be kidding. Your vote to your own idea doesn’t count, and wilto didn’t vote for it, he was being sarcastic with you, is it that hard to notice for you?


Right back at ya, buddy.

Maerique is desperate man

Most of his suggestion ,not much positive feedback