Magical mayhem: Your favorite spell combinations!

Just like bringing the right troops for the job is important, selecting the correct spells for certain situations can make all the difference between a triumphant raid and a crushing defeat.


Some of the more obvious spell combinations were already listed on Facebook:


Which other arcane tricks do you have up your sleeves? Post your favorite combinations or individual spells and discuss them with other Royal Revolters!

good collection, thanks for piling them up here jona.

I use Swordrain+Bladestorm+Sonic Blast combo but I thought I will change Swordrain to Heal spell untill The Coming of Gargoyles…


PS. I think shield spell really need upgrade cause I hardly see someone to use this spell. (Even recommend combo missing it!)


The shield spell got a buff recently to reduce its cooldown. I am not sure why people aren’t using it more. I think it’s actually quite strong.


Maybe just reduce cooldown not enough?


I think most player won’t use Shield Spell because most of them already have upgraded Heal spell. (2 Wizard’s Tower level different, isn’t it?)

If they can have both of them at max level they will try to use Shield spell more, but they can’t.

Most player will upgrade only one support spell which they already choose and it was Heal spell. (And Upgrade cost of Heal spell is cheaper)

Jona I have max shield because I like to raid with troops but it is not any near strong as max heal.


Before the “monsters”  introduction, players around my level (80) with max heal could raid Master E&co with a fair chance to succeed. With max shield instead, I could barely raid a 4K base in the rank.


Now the monsters have mixed up things but the difference in terms of power between heal and shield is clear.


I am of course upgrading heal now :slight_smile:

My fav combination is still Bladestorm Swordrain and Sonic Blast…but top players are saying to use heal spell instead of Swordrain… based on experience guys which is better to use? Heal spell as it names says it will heal you and your troops which is pretty good but how bout those long range units… which i want to get rid as fast as possible for lesser damage to me and my troops @_@

bladestorm, sonic blast, and heal. I prefer heal to the shield spell because heal reverses the effects of frost, flames, or poison.


I also always bring some ranged troops like arblasters or upgraded frosters to make up for not having swordrain.



i dont want to use SWORDRAIN just for Gorgoyle. I want to try using KNIGHTS as bait to them. They seem to attack the first thing they see in their path. So as long as hero is not the first one they encounter, hero is safe to use all his spells while kinghts do their sacrifice. Cannons can come from back clearing the remnants to help take the castle down at end.


I tried and I died, or most of my troops was gotten rid of at one go. T_T

I always obtain firestorm to crush firebolt tower into the ground and Blizzard to blow away Gargoyle tower. Its effective for me

Heal+ Blade storm + sonic Blast

I did try with knights against Gorgoyles and it was much better for me. When i see them coming I just move back a bit. Need more time to perfect it.

I use the Bladestorm + Swordrain + Sonic Blast.

But a lot of people recommend the Heal spell.

What would you guys take out in order to put the heal spell in?

Just take out the sword rain once you’ve got a high level heal (depending on your trophy range)


Bladestorm is being unlocked now,

Then I will use it in place of hammerstrike.

Those three does a decent job for me , for now .

Gargoyle+Froster is a nice combo… to make me die. It’s make me harder to predict attacking. I usually let Froster attack my King but if I can’t see gagoyle come next, it’s doom for me.

When I encounter this situation I will bring out many spell to take them down, Swordrain is the best, Sonic Blast is good too but I think it’s waste to use for take down troops, but for my lv.6 Bladestorm can’t make it.

Is max level Bladestorm can bring down all of gagoyle before they dealt damage?


Other spells that I think they should are Blizzard and Shield, but both of them aren’t good spells for other situation. Blizzard even has long cooldown more than Sonic Blast and Swordrain but give you lower damage and range with not useful effect.


For Swordrain, It can instant take down fearful Orge (If Swordrain at max level). There have other way to kill it before take damage from it?

My King not strong enough to take it down by his hand (win but lost more than a half of life), and heal spell can’t cover life that lost from it’s damage.

So, I think I will still use Swordrain for my spell combo until my King is strong enough. (I just lv.67)

But If my King become strong and my Heal Spell is at max or nearly max level, I will try to use it again.


For Shield Spell, It think it will better if can block abnormal status such as burn and poison.

Because burn and poison damage can wipe out Shield effect in no time, but Heal Spell cancel these abnormal status and heal you instead.

Or, give temporary Immortal effect for a second, with this it can use for countering gagoyle attacking.

Unfortunately, Heal doesn’t remove Frost’s slow effect, including the ability to heal naturally while it’s active. I wish it did; but that it doesn’t is another reason in favor of having at least one Froster in each wave.

I thought #2 Combo is awesome. Like run-and-gun. Blast your way into the Kingdom while destroying everything on your path. Your units will pick up the mess you’ve left kind of stuff.