Magical mayhem: Your favorite spell combinations!

Anyone know if Shield allows regeneration to continue even if you take damage (as long as the shield stays unbroken)?  If that were true, then you could make a case that Shield is a valid competitor for Heal.  Shield would be harder to use, but if you timed it just right you might be able to avoid damage long enough for regneration to kick in at times it would otherwise be impossible.

Excellant point SimonRev. If Sheild supports regeneration, then its powerful. I have not seen a single player use shield against me till now. Sonic Blast + Blade storm is constant in most of them with Heal being the 3rd more than 2/3rd of times. I only see Firespell/Swordrain instead of Heal other times.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use Shield or Stun. 

As for me, I use Heal/Firestorm/Bladestorm, and I plan to replace Firestorm with Sonic Blast, once I unlock the spell.

I have used stun extensively. For a long time in my intial days, I used STUN + TOXIC CLOUD + SWORDRAIN. Try it out.


TOXIC CLOUD for paladins and SWORD RAIN for other range units like pyro, archers, frost etc and STUN TO catch a breathing time to regenerate your health and also do some damage to towers etc in the interim with your troops and you. I used STUN till level 7 which gave a good 6.5sec stun. Its mostly usefull in lower mid stages. I guess your journey from 1400 to 2400 trophy range. Looks like you are beyond that if you have blade storm already.

I’m at 2300. Maybe I should give Stun a try, I need to find a way to deal with those Gargoyles  :angry:

Stun should be really good for gorgoyles i guess for if you use them.

Swordrain,firestorm and the shield spell. I think I am the only one really using that poor spell. Give it some love

stun gets seriously undervalued. 9 sec no dmg from all sources (towers, troops, castle gate). All the time for your troops to cause havoc and rally ^^ and your kings autoheal kicks in too.

personally i think it would be interesting to play a more support role to your units with a combo of spells stun,shield,heal of course you can still be in front tanking but it would keep alot more of your units alive i think to balance some of the dps youd lose

Best combination would be Swordrain + Sonic Blast + Heal.


Shield Spell is nice. But we have to wait for upgrade. I hope it will be able to upgrade soon, because the heal spell is much better at max level than shield spell at current heal level.

I find Blizzard - Heal - Fire work well.


Blizzard spell brings down the Barricades with one hit,


While the Fire spell  burns out Firebolt Towers, Arrow Towers , and believe it or not Bomb Towers.


Of course a must have is the Heal spell.

Sonic Blast + Firestorm +  Heal  =   You Are God!!


The regeneration from hero is interrupted, when hero get damage to shield. :-/ But you can shield your camp at beginning. If some unit come to your first camp and you only spawn mummy at late game, this will be a nice defense. But I hope the shield spell will be get an upgrade, because the lower rank spell “heal“ is much much better because of higher upgrade.

no wonder i dont use shield!

it seriously needs some tweaking so regen isnt interrupted,


so that it doesnt have the same weaknesses as the units its on


and a small actual stat boost to make it shine a little bighter

I still use Swordrain, Bladestorm, Sonic Blast, simply because that’s all that’s all that’s available to me )= Plus Flare keeps giving me Spell Packages, so the more I use them, the stronger they get. I’m literally upgrading my crappy spells faster than I’m upgrading Shield, much less Blizzard -__-