Any idea the reason behind the short maintenance?

ios users had insta meltdown in blacksmith event…maintenance fixed it…amazing how they can fix some bugs so quickly


it was on all platforms, 0s to melt one pearl, insta pearls for 1hr 30 min, amazing time, don’t have any items to melt now :slightly_frowning_face:

Those who have 7+ slots are able to get instantly 

Already done the damage 

good for you…several in my clan did same…lol


That’s not my account I have just 4 slots :slightly_frowning_face:

No idea why the maintenance.But do know has broken what was working for me re blacksmith event.

Well done flare,never cease to amaze

Blacksmith going along nicely thank you very much,you have a maintenance break to fix a bug for event,and now mines broken.

Just about last straw,have issues going back a year when 1st started playing,and other than an automated response have been almost totally ignored,with no resolution no compensation for huge losses of resources,I have been a pay to play player ever since started playing,with considerable monies paid to you on a very very regulary basis.WITH MY 1ST,AND NOW THIS MY 2ND ACCOUNT.

How about trying to fix this game before adding more damp squibs.Find it hard to see anyway that Ninja Event can be a success,who has the time to log in every 1 hour 40 mins to fight next battle.I think you forget this is your job,YOUR CUSTOMERS HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO,so even if you fix the crashes,still cannot see it working until you remove time between islands

1st account.Steve18

2nd account.georgeusgirl.

Hello Steve,

Can you let me know what is broken for you now please?

The blacksmith meltdown,and following 1st meltdown on Steve18 also stopped working.So both accounts not working

re not working,The boosted meltdown stops working after 1st item has completed,so for rest of boosted time does not speed up meltdown.

I have now started boost 5 times,and every time works on just 1st item,and because was also not getting freebies for watching video ads had to use gems,5 x 50.

Video adds now working again,so will be using them for future meltdown boost’s


This was the reason…