maintenance... some changes I guess?

maintenance… some changes I guess?

here is your answer, but I think that some sort of mistake :huh:

end? And when was the beginning?

flares got mad…now she removed her post :wink:

Just a mistake guys. Nothing new. It’s a normal maintenance.

just like ukikotek said :wink:
Just a mistake :wacko:

yeah flares forgot today is 14 july not 15 july… So you annoying us…so give 1000 gems as penalty to each guy as like other games…



 Alysea  had a rough back from the holidays :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. It’s the only explanation! :slight_smile:


This was only a server maintenance, with nothing special :grinning:

hey are you back from vacation and finishing chilling  :wink:

another server maintenence, whit nothing special? :grinning:

They changed the next war season name and conditions as expected =)

thanks oPelle

and now? :slight_smile:

for what wos this break?

Maintenance was only for us to keep on preparing the incoming version of the game :grinning:

Alysea, since this break the alliance emblem has reverted to all white and when changed will not stay as we put it.


Yes in my alliance we have some problems on changing the alliance emblem, it doesn’t change as wanted


Yes we are aware of the issue and currently working on it.

It should be fixed with the next server update.

Sorry for the troubles.

issue (prolong) ?

How it`s gonna be fix ?