Major rework of Pro League is needed

1). Levels 1-9 are always 100% if playing decently, level 10 is sometimes possible, and levels 11-12 are usually impossible (aside from cheaters). A more gradual progression of difficulty would be nice so that it doesn’t feel like hitting a brick wall as soon as you get to level 11-12.

2). Balancing rewards based off of cheater’s scores. It is incredibly unfair to use cheaters scores to determine what points deserve max rewards the day before the Pro League ends. Just go back to the rewards based on placement instead of the tier system currently in place.

3). Need a dedicated dev/helper monkey to remove cheaters from pro league (top 100 spots). This needs to be done BEFORE the reward tier is calculated. Additionally it would be great if you could ban their primary account from Pro League if they are cheating on a secondary account.

4). Need greater variety of boosts and base designs for the Pro League. You guys have a nearly infinite assortment of boosts at your disposal yet we see such a minute amount of them being showcased in the Pro League.

5). The idea of Pro League is a great one, but these ideas and more need to be implemented to make Pro League more enjoyable. Many do not play Pro League because they find it boring! Spice it up a little and people will actually WANT to play it because it is fun! not just for the rewards…

  1. Abolition of pro tiers and return of rewards according to the ranking.

Brilliant post.
Flare is still doing a bad job of cleaning the top100 ranking in the PL.
Every single week the top100 is mostly full of multi accounts and the top20 is a complete disgrace.

As if that wasn’t enough, Flare is adjusting the tiers according to the top scores, which means that the top cheaters’ scores are screwing everyone else.


Hi @BobotheMighty,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :rr2advisornod:

This is intentional - we want those levels to be a top challenge. The gradual difficulty curve for the higher levels is also highly dependent on each Pro-League itself. However, we can review it and will discuss internally.

This is not true. We do not adjust the scores based on cheaters. We are aware there are cheaters and we will continue to strive to improve our cheat detection system. We do ban cheaters every week, but we only ban if there is valid proof.

I will forward this feedback. However, we already especially check the top spots of the pro-league for cheaters and multi-accounters and they are banned every week.

I will forward this for internal discussion, but at the moment there are no such plans.

Just curious what does a ‘cheater’ entail in pro-league? I mean is it someone hacking the system itself? How do you even cheat at 10.11.12?? I never heard of cheating at this game before other then someone with say… TEN accounts in conquest swarming someone at the same time (I would say that is cheating). So would someone running a multi account on pro league be cheating somehow?

levels 1-9 on pro league are quite fun, but 10, 11 and 12 are just brutal and rough.

I do not run it every week because most of it is boring. Needs some excitement!

Hey @WildChicken,
Cheating has many faces but it is not allowed to list explicit cheat information here for obvious reasons :wink: .
But yes, there are hackers, multi-accounters,… - you name it.

Yes, this is cheating.

The scores need to be consistent between leagues as the Pro boosts depend on this, one week, 25 people can unlock them, the next week 40 people are needed.

Unfortunately in my alliance, some of my teammates prefer to play those pro league seasons which 25 players are enough to reach 40k+ pro points instead of those pro league seasons which are needed at least 40 players to reach 40k+ pro points.

Ideally you want your players playing every single Pro League, so they can get stronger in the game.
Even if the final scores are low, you still get a few crystals, pro items, pal food and pearls out of it.

If you don’t play every single week you will fall behind those that play every week.

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