make 3 rows for inventory items

Currently there are 2 rows and if you have many items you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to the right continuously. If you make 3 rows it’d be handy. Thanks.

I have about 130 items. 

Now that oPelle brings it up, I feel like they could probably fit 4 rows. 

With that I could see all my gear in 4 and a half screens!


I had the idea of having 8-10 columns and scrolling down instead of sideways. Your display is already in landscape, may as well use it.

Making it sideways and have more rows is awesome! It would make it much easier to see your items and imagine making deals with other alliance members, or friends, that you can sell items in your inventory to them. Of course, if they are lower level than you, the stats will go down once transferred to their king. I think this would actually make a fun new implement!! It could be a black market between players!

Agree +

That will be nice…i would like to add one more refinement to this…

How about making next and previous button in wardrobe sections like we have in hero slot stats…

For an example when u r in helmet section u have two buttons one will take u straight to cape section  and other will take u to boots  :wink: