Make a copy of RR2 and tune it as PVP Real time

Hi Guys,

I saw new game clan royale by clash of clan team. which is basically realtime player vs player. I Suggest RR2 make a game similar to that. 

The plan would be very simple 

make a new Royal revolt3  and import all of exisisting  RR2 players accounts into them. Ie troops level and their health. and set some paths so their troops vs troops can fight.  And obviousely hero should have some  spells to use to make it more interesting Also no towers please.  troops with elite boosts to have a lot of  variation in between players would be great.


You can set wars at specific times 

Basically its mini version of royal revolt2 but in a real time king vs king without much extra work

Hope you guys like this idea and make something like this