Make a Mini War

With war being  less frequent, Alliances are becoming less cohesive, the  9 or10 day break doesn’t help with this, the Ninja event is OK but boring, as it’s not a team event. 

I think a mini war of 2 days long,  where an an alliance could fight another alliance would be a good idea and useful, for gauging how  players are progressing. 

This should be entirely optional,  as I’m sure not everyone would be interested, maybe the prize could be gold for the Alliance. 


Now I like this day, if it’s optional ,that’s fine. This is just and idea, but I can already see top alliances being obsessed with the idea of getting that extra gold, while Flare keeps getting more gems from them, sadly.

Hmm… Sounds interesting.

2 Days, 3 Alliances starting off with 2 fiefdoms. They are matched purely on the basis of average trophies, no. of members and alliance level since gold is the reward. Here, I would like to see the Net Skull Rate as the deciding factor after fiefdoms. Also 1 free season boost like Mini Monk could be activated for free for first 6 hrs & prolonged till end. All works like war.

The gold is just a suggestion 

Yeah I like this idea. I also find the breaks between war seasons are too long and would have preferred if instead of the current ninja event there was some kind of of alliance based event. Alliance events help keep the alliance together. 

Sorry guys, but if you need alliance wars to keep your team together, then that’s not a good signal, a good team remains as one and with nice bonds no matter what time it is. I see no difference on my team whether it’s war time or not, so for me these ‘long’ cooldowns are completely fine…

I still like this idea, but that point was bothering me.


It is just that at least increase the duration of the event. One day for Blacksmith was ridiculous. You cannot even melt a Level 90 gear.

Sometimes, when there is no event, ninja event or wars, the chat is sometimes a but quiet but one post by me and sometimes after 30 minutes, you cannot even see my first post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, and it could parallely run alongside the other events apart from ninja event.


That will never ever happen. Since you can easily farm more gold, it will not happen.

Yeah, sometimes the team only needs someone to make the first step and let the chat begin :grinning:  

Also the fun & jokes.

The mini sounds ok … I have always thought 5 days was too long and 3 a far better number of days as it becomes a grind rather than a burst of fun.

More events and short durations would keep things interesting and then theres always something new going on or about too.

The 5 day break was fine, but 10 days is just way too long, 

i just need some kind of event like an alliance boss where all members of alliance need to deal with it to get rewards

Yes, some teamwork event would be nice…But again… a fun one… not a tryhard event… 

Yes a teamwork event would be good… also thought a war boost for alliance participation would be good. Half of all alliances see the writing on the wall and don’t bother seriously continuing getting skulls. Maybe a boost and maybe a alliance gold reward for skulls taken.

The gold reward may be the best and then they can use that however.

For new alliances the gold rewards would be a big motivator to be more Active

Rewards —  mortor bost , snake tower boost and gargoyle boost ;)?



So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a war, just a fun teamwork event, (not like war where some even scroll and spend money in the game)

Yeah something like that would be good … maybe storm quest?

Each person in alliance gets a level to attack … they basically have this from the ninja event so its a easy match up.

They can introduce a slightly different measure completion % Plus bonuses for time, difficulty bonus as is calculated with normal attacks… trophies

Then there is an alliance new rating and rewards for the alliance.

Its a simple event and a day or two to do, and maybe just 2 tries for each player. But the goal being everyone having a go.

Or add in easter eggs as a collection item which can be hidden around and in towers … dropped when some troops are killed

Its basically a kill the item too but a kings job not his troops.