Make a new acount

Im lvl 145 and got 4k trophies i cant grow up my trophies any more cus im getting attacked by 30k to 100k pkayers and all my island got 50k trophies players so the game is over for me
How can i make a new acount on the same phone cus this acount is dead

Ahhahahahaha. Just upgrade your defense and make your statue strong and you’ll get trophies bro

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Its not worth it… it will take you a long time to get up there. I wouldn’t recommend to abandon your main account completely.

Make a Cadmus AutoPlay with max CD and start raiding. You can get your trophies up easy. Other than that, finish all upgrades thaf you can, and perhaps find a good layout. Are your Odyssey points good?

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OR is a game where restarting gives little to non real benefit. Everything is “repairable”. If you restart, you will lose the most important currencies in the game: Odyssey, enhancements, and fames that influence the masteries.

Seriously, Odyssey is the only real thing that separates an old well-built account and a new one. Ascension level? You can catch up. Items? You can forge. Odyssey is the only thing for which I envy Archimides or Dumpster (to name a few) :wink:.

I agree, with the caveat that if you wanted to min/max an account it’s easier than ever to do it now. I think there’s really marginal benefit in doing that though.

Nop i have only 8k on odyssey i cant attack any island any more they all got 20k + trophies i got only 4k i maxed all my def and defenders but never won a match i have 54% reflecte point on my status and all the attacker is higher than 40k trophies and about 20k odyssey point
So how to escape that proplem im really stuck

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Your defense layout is probably very bad

Maybe, maybe not. You are about lv100 iirr, layouts are very important at your stage. But this is different: he’s matched with top players, and trust me, he can have the “best” layout out there, it doesn’t matter. He needs to be active and be able to defeat bases on his map, that’s his main problem. And it has more to do with proper forging, builds, setups. When you do these things right, then only the best GKs can give you some troubles.

Hero setup is instant (maybe you need to upgrade the troops or powers, but at level 145 it’s almost done anyway). Hero build is knowledge: you need to know what to forge. Forging is pretty fast, a few weeks and you can have a decent hero who can take out any base (not talking about GK). That’s why I still advise against restarting. It takes 1-2 years to get there while what I mentioned above takes like 1-2 months. Knowledge is what missed, and it won’t magically appear just by creating a new account.