Make Attack Strategy!

please add lvl for attacks!! how:
attack must be with hero lvl and low lvl players must cant attack to high lvls player
lvl 125-130 must can attack to lvl 125 to 130
lvl 115-124 and lowers levels must cant attack to level 125-130
with this rules easy FG can close 24/7 online players
join to Alliance:
make hero level for join alliance. under 100 levels must cant join to max level Alliance
level 2 to level 50 players must can join only to level 1 - 30 alliance
level 51 to 80 join only to level 30 - 60 alliance
level 80 - 100 join only to lvl 61 - 70
more than 100 level free to join +70 alliance
with this rules player try for more time play and up hero level for join to higher alliance

This is a great idea . I’m for ? .

I agree Mustafa idea . 

good idea ^_^

Dumbest thing I ever heard *facepalm*

Got headache reading it… And I am not only talking about the English.


Yea this has bad idea written all over it. 

We get it, you’re lvl130 and you can’t deal with players lvl105-120 beating your defense.  :rolleyes:


What Flare should do is prevent trophy dumping. The current system makes no sense. Top guys are playing with multiple accounts with the sole purpose of dumping trophies on the main account. 

I am a 111 level player and usually attack player between 120 to 130 level and for me its totally ok. Why should we need the rule that a125-130 level player can be attacked by a 125-130 level player only but not by a 110 or 78 level player?

But why? ?


Non sense. Like the others say its ■■■■■■ honestly. Why? right now i have found some level 104-105 in matchmaking who have drop at 1000-1400 trophy to attrack low player. If you don’t know the game and attack them its you own fault. So many hint indicate they are level 100+. they offer 39 trophy and 400 medals. I skip them and attack others one close of my level. So why a level 50 should face only 50-60 and be attacked by 50-60 and a level 80 face only 80-90 and be attacked by 80-90 and so on… If you don’t like be attacked then improve your defense.

the mechanics of the game is correct as it is. No change needed

Yeah bad idea, it also would not fix the problem of 24/7 online player. The idea would kill this game.

I think what we really need is a new contest for the forum.

Like worst idea of the month ?


Plus crybaby of the month. Both would have the same winner

I don’t know you what search here


You don’t need a second account for trophy dumping. This is silly! 

This is complete nonsense!

If you attack low level players, your gold and medal reward is negligible.
If you win against a players that is much higher than you, you deserve to win and the other player is downgraded!
The rules would not change the 24/7 problem.

Every alliance can change their rules so that you have to apply for a membership. There might be reasons why a high level player joins a low alliance or vice versa.

I didn’t say you NEEDED multi accounts for trophy dumping.

What I said is that top guys were using them.

That would be very strange. Just lose a few fights against some low levels and you are done. So… what should be the advantage of doing a maximum of three fights with your second accout if you have unlimited fights (depending on your bread) with lowies?

The idea of the poster is an idea and it can be both good and bad depending om your hero and your playstyle.

From my point of view it would certainly make it less interesting as I simple have been attacking players 20-30 levels above me with success.

I would also loose my old “Nemesis”. A player 30 levels higher then me who keeps coming back. However when I retaliate I still end up with mostly positive results from those battles be that in Gold gained or flat-out levelling his/her gate. Not to mention if I would attack same level-players the profit would surely be less then worth the effort.

In my latest battle against my “Nemesis” I gained 125k Gold  while I lost 25k max previously to him/her. I think I do just fine as-is since I still gain gems too from to time from these higher level players attacking my base.

You’re not getting it. ?

Imagine something like this:
Main account with 5200 trophies - each random attack will get you 2 to 5 trophies

Secondary account with 4600 trophies - each random attack will get you 5 to 15 trophies (sometimes even 25 trophies)


What they’re doing is this:

Step 1)  increase their trophies in the secondary account (lets say they get 100 trophies in 20-30 minutes)

Step 2) dump those trophies on their main account, 3 attacks at a time. So that’s like 3x20. They do it twice, so that’s something like 120 trophies.

Voilá, their main account just got 120 trophies with a small effort compared to actually getting those same 120 trophies with their main account.