Make attacks more interesting

PicklePete, I think, is the one who suggested this sometime last year for the ninja event, and maybe a few others, but I’ll bring it up again, with a little more spice added to it, along with an idea for the wars!


Attacking during the wars and ninja events can be some of the most boring hours of your life. A way that I believe you guys at Flaregames can fix this idea, taking the Chamber of Fortune out of the game, or at least in the wars. If you really want to make this game about skill, the Chamber of Fortune is not the way to do it. First off, in wars, all it does is give you skulls (maybe lol) if you get the first chest, and the number of skulls is based on how high or low in the alliance the target was, but here’s my idea. Remove the CoF completely and the war to get extra skulls is put into real skill. When you lose a war attack, you cannot get extra skulls, so a way to make it to where you get extra, is by having extra skulls be built into how many enemies you kill during the battle. You get their skulls and that counts towards extra. This puts real skill into the battle, removing the rushing to the gate idea and adding tons more fun into hacking your way to the victory!


Opelle suggested this a while back, where, in the last battle of the ninja event. The Ninja Master is the beast, instead of Eldrak, adding a TON more fun to the last ninja battle, and also giving you tons of motivation to get to the last round! But another way to spice the ninja event up, is by adding items that are lying on the road that will help during the event. These items are automatically better than your currently equipped items and are only equipped during the event, not outside of it. These items should be unique and completely random, that way there are many combinations of fun items you can receive during the event!