Make conquest map playable for weaker alliance

This is not a new idea but as how the new conquest map became lately i want some of the feature in the old conquest back. Back in the first time conquest released my alliance usually have 1 or 2 day to at least finished some tower so we can have the benefit of moving faster through tower shadow and have higher chance to keep our tower in defense, to get more point we need to fight in further side of the map . That was the idea right ?

But recently maps are very hard for us to work with, last time it was surrounded by water tile and only have 1 space to move which make it cost alot of time if some alliance decided to block at that point, the current map this time make the distance between top and bottom alliance too close so one alliance can go and fight the nearest alliance so fast that all of the weaker alliance member will be kicked back before any tower have been finished.

Here is our situation in the first day , the below alliance have already move pass half of the vertical size of the map and attack our not even 1/4 built tower in first day. We get that the stronger would win anyway but giving advantages that make the weaker could go home empty hand is so cruel . I have no new idea to solve this, just want to suggest that it easier to avoid this in the first place, i get that you want more battle ,more intense in conquest but can i request flare to not overdo and make it too extreme,please . Thanks!

Maybe it’s better a matching improvement between alliances… ⚠️

That too , but if the map dont give chances for others alliance to rush to the other side and interrup any tower that not even finished would make the event less frustrating

You saw how small the map was, and you should’ve placed more players to defend the tower. The issue wasn’t that the opponents were way out of your league right? If it isn’t a matchmaking problem, then it’s your strategy that’s bad.


Many players have complained conquest being too boring and they don’t want to spend the first day of the event just walking around. Flare listened and made the map smaller. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Perhaps you should enjoy the faster pace of the event, while adapting a strategy to fight your opponents instead.

Well, if they give reward based on how many skull and fights i would be more happy to ask for a only 4 tile map where each side fight to death and save alot on resourced and alliance gold, however force to fight by use a small map and give the chance to take the field when the opposite side havent have the chance to finish a tower to gain some point and collect any reward is very bad. The only strategy then would just be spam scroll to win raid so you wont loose a tower, get some strong, high trophy player and sent them to crush the opponent in day 1. They could just overlap the first day with festival like last time, i think people say conquest is too boring is not as many as people who said conquest demand too much time and like a real time battle ever since so i guess they choose the wrong way to please what they listened . 

?they made is smarter cuz they want the teams fight hard and have no free space.

so they should buy researches by unreal money.

they should fight and make only level 4 towers nonstop


Indeed, with level 1 towers you don’t stand a chance. Claim their territory by upgrading watchtowers. So now it’s more interesting, this conquest.

For example a team on our map asks for peace, but they want to let us agree that they will get two special tiles in the center of our territory, a mine plus a library. We don’t agree, they are too greedy, we should get at least one of the two halfway our map.

To stop us getting one of them, they did raid a watchtower of us under construction nearby. To go further, they did start to raid other watchtowers of us. Since we had a couple of pretty strong members around there, we are replying. So a nice fight with pretty strong members from them in a huge, but with donkey it’s pretty easy to beat those bases. The winner of that fight will determine who gets those tiles. If we win, we will still let them have one of those tiles, we don’t want to keep on fighting till the end of conquest with them.

but so far it’s an interesting conquest.

A very very similar thing happened in my map.

A deal exactly like that was on the table but one of the alliances was too greedy. So we had to fight for it, right there and then, in the first 12h of Conquest. :wink: :wink:

Flare did a good job by placing an uneven amount of very good special tiles (a mine AND a library AND a sanctuary) right in the middle of 2 close neighbours. It gets tricky to get deals done because most (closely matched) alliances won’t accept only 1 out of those 3 special tiles. Leaders and generals will roll the dice with war instead.