make game fair for all

give everyone free gems and food, and stop treating windows users like they dont exist, why cant everyone get free food and gems? this company should review its policy, make game fair for all, we dont have same company for free stuff, why we cant get from someone who deals with windows, stop giving only free stuff to certain people, i would also like free stuff, i cant even get the free gems for liking facebook, such a poor company policy, i would advise that if u play on windows dont spend, its very unfair to u, cus u get nothing for free and others get loads of gems and food for free or way cheaper, only way to make them fix is to stop spending

yea, this is annoying they should give windows users the same benefits.

It’s not Flaregames’s fault that Windows users can’t watch ads for gems and food, or use Tapjoy for gems. Why? Because Tapjoy is only for Apple and Android, and because there are no ads for Windows games. Open the Windows store; there are no videos for apps; just images. Not even well-known publishers like Gameloft have ads on Windows - unless the advertisements are for their own games - and since Flaregames has published very few apps, there really are no advertisements for Windows users to watch. 


I feel for you, Windows players. But it’s not Flaregames’s fault.





IT’S YOUR FAULT!!  (Sorry if I seem rude or unfeeling; but ONLY YOU can get yourselves Tapjoy and ads on WIndows - Flaregames cannot.) 


Go install an Android emulator for Windows, like Bluestacks or something. Using the new Transfer Your Account thingy in the Settings button, transfer your account to Android/Bluestacks and now, you are still using your PC to play but now you can watch ads and use Tapjoy. Vadaa! You are no longer a “disadvantaged” Windows player.