Make game growwww

I love this game and feel like it’s not even close to as famous as it should be.
I create this topic to gather ideas for the developers and @CaptainMorgan to implement as to bring more new player influx, which we lack so bad.
I literally tell everyone about this game and have brought around 7 people into it, 6 of which are still playing, but I can’t make a big difference by myself here.

I think it needs some promotion from the players. There used to be a 500 gem prize if you got an invite. I think it got exploited and it was abandoned? I am not sure, was not active on forum back then.

That could be fixed, if the player hits 100 level for example. Or it could be gradually, like 5 gems every week. If they could check the IP’s to check the new players, it’s possible that they can confirm it’s a new player.

In any case, as we have also discussed multiple accounts, there is no problem with that either, so it doesn’t hurt if it’s the same player making a new account, it still gets more players in. But we do need a new stream of players.

I agree it has to be more popular, even in 2019 the graphics are amazing. I don’t know why more people don’t play it. The intro, is also really good, gets you to understand the basics, and the first few levels are rather easy. I think it needs a better chat system, and a broader multiplayer game (like revenge or 1v1, tournaments, or even tests between players). I know testing anyone, is not going to be popular with high leveled guys (people will test how they can beat them - rather than meeting them once in war or map), but we could have a setup layout, just for that part…

It’s so many ideas, but at the same time… I also know it’s too much to ask… from the devs. I hope they do come up with something, but I am not getting the vibes from it. The community however, has to embrace new players… and the lack of chat in-game, is driving people away. I am not sure why this is the case with this game.


Unas sugerencias poner un botón que lo tenga solo el líder para poder hacer las mejora de la alianza, no dejar que los generales también puedan hacer esa operación, ya que el general hace todo lo mismo que el líder es una forma de hacer un poco más de diferencia y el labor del líder y otra es tratar de cambiar el evento ninja por otro evento ya que cansa siempre lo mismo y muchos no lo realizan saludos y espero que mi opinión sirva para mejorar y hacer el juego más entretenido

The lack of chat in-game is a huge problem. I remember when I started out that I wanted to send a message to the leader of a small alliance to see if he would invite me, just to find out there’s no such thing…

One big problem(Not kidding) is that before you unlock the minotaur the game isn’t that fun, as your troops are kind of boring. So here comes the problem, you need to unlock it using ariadne. At that point in the game people have no idea about anything and she literally gets 1 shot by everything. I’ve introduced 7 ppl to this game, 1 quit before he got minotaur, 2 got addicted, the other 4 were barely playing until they got to minotaur, which almost made most of them quit because they couldn’t do it. I just told to get ariadne to lv11 for the 3rd power and it should get a lot easier. An easy fix would be to just have her 3rd power be unlocked at lv 9 or 10


How do you reply to a English post in Spanish? If you can understand it, you can probably type in it
The general is there to help the leader
And what do you mean by ninja event?


They could make it so the player who invited the new player AND also the new player get X amount of gems every time the new player levels up

Se me traduce la página al español por eso puedo comentarlo.
A lo que me refiero con el botón para que un general no pueda mejorar la alianza que eso lo haga solo el lider y con el evento ninja crear otra clase de evento que sea diferente al los ninjas espero haber resuelto tus dudas y si no les gusta mi opinión tienen todo el derecho de eliminarlo

I agree, this game should attract more players, a lot is missing, it is based on rr2 only in nicer skin, it differs in details, I know it because I have been playing for 2 and a half years in rrr2, generally I like this game more, there are problems such as difficulty levels, it is not well balanced, which causes players to feel frustrated and even abandon the game at high levels, there are no better prizes, which would encourage players to participate in tournaments, they are simply not good at play or players are not playing, no they hit the cups because there are too strong players on the islands, which also makes the player sleepy, too low rewards for Odyseye. I have already met many players every level 146 and they have only less than 2k forks from Odysey, it says a lot.

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That’s right, I have already mentioned that chat does not exist here, which makes alliances dead, communication problems, recruitment, etc. I have extensively described this in a new topic and Flare promised that he would take this into consideration, not they have to make an effort, just copy the chat from rr2 and paste here, there is no philosophy


I also love this game and have already downloaded 6 people to OR from RR2

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Chat is probably the greatest pitfall in the game. Most of us supplement this by using LINE chat, but that isn’t something most people are willing to do. I think also the trophy system and matchmaking. There’s been plenty of feedback and CM did say they are working on some adjustments. Really it is just a matter of time.


Unfortunately, this is not a good idea, it would lead to fraud, there would be a mass of open accounts for one time, only to extort diamonds for the next new player


Totally agree, I said this about a year ago that although its a relatively simple concept in brings players together socially, Ive seen communities in other games on global chat, and it really is one of the major drawbacks when FG are concerned.


It will be nice if many ppl play this game. It’s a very nice game. Recently I tried 4-5 other games because of they apper in the promotion chests. I downloaded those. Played those. And after one or two weeks I deleted those. Only playing this game. So what I want to say is, this is a brilliant game. The developer should promote more on different channel so that many players can know about this. If developers lack resources to promote, probably we players can do if they allow us reward. I agree with the chat room. For example, when I want to chat with a specific player in the alliance may be he/she can get a chat notification will be nice. And lastly, " The revenge " Idea will bring more fun for every player I think.

Long live OR. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


What do you mean by ninja event? I have no idea

Los ninjas que tienes que ir haciendo las islas y los barcos ,es siempre lo mismo tendría que buscar otra clase de desafíos que entusiasmen al jugador de hacerlo hasta el final, porque ahora ya hay varios jugadores que de las 30 niveles solo realizan 10 o 15

Are you talking about the odyssey?

Sí esa que tienes que ir haciendo islas y barcos Chicos hasta llegar al final qué es un barco grande y de recompensa son 5 ninjas a ese me refiero

The odyssey is amazing. One of the things I like the most about the game

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