Make having more fiefdoms more rewarding

Hoping to have more reason to have high fiefdoms, to makes wars more interesting as currently alliances often do not even try to win.
currently there is basically no incentive to have high fiefdoms for most alliances, and majority would rather have less to get easier wars.

it makes for boring wars when many alliances are trying to see who can lose the most fiefs. On the last day in our last war, there was only 1 alliance on map fighting to win, the rest all wanted to lose. Strongest alliance didn’t even attack so they wouldn’t get another fiefdom.

Not sure exactly how to solve, but anything would be better than nothing.

something simple would be to reward chests based on total fiefs at the end of war, and ramp rewards up so alliances might actually want to get over 60, 70 fiefs or higher.

more complicated, exponentially increase the donation bonus, and also exponentially increase boost and alliance upgrade costs, so there is some ‘breakeven fiefdom count’ where the bonus and alliance costs balance as it is now, but getting more fiefs will actually provide meaningful donation boost.


You are right, having more fiefdoms makes wars harder, therefore making it easier for alliances who have less fiefdoms, but stronger opponents, than you to defeat you. Higher fiefdoms should give you the skull bonuses. Nobody should get rewarded for losing. Love the suggestion and completely agree @Fourofjacks

At the moment we get better chests by having more fiefdoms and war boosts are somewhat stronger.

Having said that, that’s the only reason. 

It should be made more interesting indeed, now teams definitely only want to drop fiefdoms, when season is already won. It’s a sport to win with as less fiefdoms as possible. 

Wars are generally boring. Individual raids should be more rewarding too.

I agree, but there’s not really much to add. What do you suggest they add, cause you had to have had something in mind to say that

There’s plenty to add. Random drops, more money than the pitiful amount of it we get now, vary and make better the rewards in the CoF, and more kinds of rewards, etc. 

well, that’s all player fault. You can find opponents that have a large amount of gold. Or go to favorites list and find opponents with open bases. They usually have big gold. This isn’t something that needs to be added. It’s based on the amount of gold the defender has, it’s fair


Excuse me, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mind explaining a bit further

No, it’s not player’s fault. At my level/trophy count, the only players that give an even remotely decent amount of cash are next to impossible to beat. 

Yes, I could go out and find the one percent of players that I can beat consistently and get decent rewards from, but why would I want to waste my time doing that? I don’t have hours and hours of day to grind out an upgrade for one tower, and so on and on until I don’t care enough, then all that time will have been for nothing. It’s ridiculously tedious and it really doesn’t have to be, and I don’t understand why flare makes it so. 

You tell me to drop trophies, yet for me that never really seems to work. Plus I just go back up to where I was in a day or two and I have to start the process  over. My time is valuable and Rr2 takes too much and gives too little.

Its not my idea, there’s a forum post around somewhere. Basically, sometimes towers or units or beasts would drop items or a bit of gold, chests whatever and you would collect them as extra rewards. Each tower/unit/beast would have a chance to drop something, but the tougher the opponent, the higher the drop rate or the better the reward inside. I think it was @Maerique’s idea, but he should still know about it if it wasn’t. 

During war season they should first remove the thing that most players don’t like and that’s skulls inside the first chest. Not only makes it players lose gems, but also one of the rewards is gone by that. Worst case scenario is needing 45 gems to find the skulls (odds should be 2.5%, I wonder why it happens that often during war seasons). 

So this is first thing, just give the skulls after a succesfull raid. I would put 6 rewards in cof, 3 small ones, 2 medium ones and a huge one. It’s then up to the player if he wants to use gems or not. 

As a second thing, make it attractive to collect skulls for individual players. One simple suggestion is to create a war shop which has unique items (similar to pro shop) and an unique pal that you only can get by participating wars. 

For example, say that a war pal is in there, buyable for 250k skulls. And items buyable for 25k - 100k skulls. That makes it more attractive. War pal can only be leveled up by skulls, just like normal pal can be upgraded by pal treats. Jealousy is a strange thing, when some players talk about great items, others also want to have it. And introducing such a thing could make war seasons more attractive. 

Another unattractive part is that alliances waste a lot of gold on boosts per season. It literally holds a team down to upgrade to higher alliance levels. So when a team isn’t interested in a certain season, why would they waste gold on boosts, shields and champions? That’s crazy. So make it attractive for teams also to participate, even when war boosts aren’t interesting. Give for example gold per fiefdom won, but make it depending on alliance level. I would give 50% of gold to upgrade a team after winning a war season.

  • 1 -> 5% gold 
  • 2 -> 10% gold
  • 3 -> 20% gold
  • 4 -> 35% gold
  • 5 -> 50% gold

That way it’s very attractive to participate war seasons and make teams fight for all 5 fiefdoms. 

Let me tell you how it goes in our alliance. We try to win the boosts we are interested into with as less fiefdoms as possible. We are interested in mummy, frenzies and pyro. So whenever we secured that reward, we stop fighting. We even lose wars on purpose to drop some won fiefdoms. It’s no fun for members, but also not for opponents. Our members however understand the reason why we do it. Better to have some war boosts all the time, then going fast into very tough seasons where we must overboost ourselves to stand a chance. Overboosting is main reason why alliances can’t grow without extra donations. 

We do take minimum amount of fiefdoms, since we are saving gold for upgrading our alliance. But when we would be rewarded for those extra fiefdoms as a team, you can bet we try to win all seasons by max fiefdoms.

What Quantum said. Furthermore (or for different wording’s sake):

  • player gold in war raids is protected, so there is 0 reason for it to depend on how much gold the victim has. Might as well (and should) be some arbitrary value, like 100k-200k. The top guy in an alliance often has lots of gold but just as often he can’t be beat, and others give generous amounts of like 20k. If every raid gave a set (even if semi-decent) amount, there’d be incentive to do raid more in war, even if the enemy is a weak alliance.

  • I can probably find players with good gold outside of word but you can’t possibly expect me to check hundreds to thousands of players in one go. Because that’s how you must do it with this travesty of a player search utility. I can look through 50 players before I get bored, but the search sorts players by 500’s so that’s 450 more players to look through. I’ve groaned about this more extensively in the forum and the bottom line is, it takes too bloody long to find anybody.

  • trophy dropping might work for gold outside of war but a single war will easily put you about 500 trophies higher, effectivelly cancelling all your shennanigans. Not to mention it’s no excuse for wars not giving more gold, these’re are two separate things (just as well you could say wars shouldn’t give boosts because you can buy them outside of war too).

Honestly, the only reason I do wars myself are the chests. That’s it. Don’t really care about boosts that much (because I fight raw, I’m hardcore like that ")) and wars give basically nothing else. So it’s kind of a waste of time.

It’s not on Topic but regarding the gold issue.

It’s true that finding gold is an issue for some people, but searching via player leaderboard is not a Wise decision. You should search via alliance. E.g. Search for players in active alliances, for instance in top 100 or 150. An active alliance most likely has many active players which in turn means possible gold.

The players that I attack are at 4200+ and in top 50 alliances and give 400k+ base loot and during ninja and war you can even get people with almost 1M base gold.

So finding loot shouldn’t be too difficult.

Before you say, you are too weak. I use wok bliz fs shield tammy. Troops forged at 40+ and spells at 60+ and tammy level 7. So pretty average. 

I Think 4200 is not an enemy someone at 3500 can’t beat if he uses the right combo.

Sorry for not staying on Topic.

Back to topic: 

I also think wars should be changed up. Personally I Never use pyro in offense because I always lose to people that I can beat with wok because I ran out of Time. It might just be because I am Not good with that combo. And arblasters are nice in defense but also a Unit I Never use in offense because a strong bomb tower just oneshots a bunch of them at once.

It’s probably right go assume that most players use standard boosts like wok or mow. 

Tweaking the war might be a nice idea.

I personally think that all boosts obtainable in war are good. Just One set is not worth the cons that come with the increased fiefdoms.


It’s not really that’s it’s difficult, it’s just_ tedious_. Why should I have to crawl through alliances to find people? That’s the matchmaker’s job and it sucks at doing it. Why is it even in there if the only way to find people with decent money is to not use it? Not to mention it charges you for every new player it shows. Ridiculous.

Well, matchmaker’s sole function (apart from eating your gold) seems to be to drop trophies with. :stuck_out_tongue:

And searching through alliances is making an already tedious task even more tedious (it’s the same search utility, you know). Maybe there should be a daily dungeon or something that you could raid for a few million gold every day, that’d be far more beneficial to everyone.

match maker might be directing ppl to attacking players who haven’t been attacked much. Also up top, its how top players can get more medals, without being able to just farm the same guys.

getting gold is always a balancing thing, would it be good for the game if everyone just had unlimited gold? that’d be far more beneficial to everyone than any suggestion.
any suggestion making it too easy to get gold you might as well just give unlimited gold, everyone can grow strong without fighting.

Agree it can be tedious looking for a target, and that adds nothing much to the enjoyment of the game (maybe feeling good when you find good targets). but being able to get gold is one way the game separates the good and the bad (or people with time). Only thing is whether there is a “balance”. One oddity of RR2 is that the stronger your defense, the harder it is to find gold as it will cause your trophy to go up.

back on topic, reason I suggest rewarding fief count, is that hopefully even when an alliance only has 1 fief left no hope of getting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, it would be more fun if it was worth it for them to still fight to defend it, rather than just hoping to drop fief.


I never have told anyone to drop trophies. First off, that only works for ninja dropping tiers and festivals. Second off, if I told someone to drop trophies I would only be saying that for festivals and ninja’s. Never dropping for normal raids or wars

Meant that in a broad sense, like “what about such and such, you ask” even though no one really asked. 

Let me amend.

“Some players tell me to drop trophies…”

We spend half of the wars trying to lose fiefdoms… It is stupid???

Yeah, one war you go all out (Most likely Dracomancer, Frenzies, and Doom Gate) and the next you drop. If you play like that you almost 100% of the time will get Draco’s, Frenzies, and Doom Gate

We want mummies and frosters… so it’s opposite for us. But it is still stupid!! Team would like to participate in all wars. I also still think the rewarded boost should be mixed up. The same 3 every other week… GETS VERY VERY BORING!!!

True, but doesn’t every game get boring after a while? Yes! Flare does do a good job of mixing things up. They just need to tweak the difficulty a bit.