Make it so we can “copy” text posts from chat so we can quickly paste them into translation engines

Many of us are on teams where most members speak a different language.  I am on a team that mostly speaks Portuguese, so I have to painstakingly type in each text into google translate in order to communicate with my team.  I would simply switch teams, but I have been with my team a long time and like them a lot. Adding this feature would make communication  much easier to deal with for players in the same predicament.


I was so hoping the awful chat area was going to be upgraded! Try translating from players when you cannot cut and paste. Uggh its awful 

Been asked for ages. Some games even autotranslate text using a Google API. Hopefully flare can get it in there eventually…

I would also like to see it where I can arrow back to a misspelled word and correct a typo , or let my cursor do that.

The FAQ description talks about the importance of alliance communication. Yet we have the worst chat area I have ever seen… ughhhh 

I cannot agree more here. I play a lots of game and this chat is the worst one I have seen in a online game. No much interaction or no much communication options. Flare need to check if they can rebuild it or improve it. Add the possibility to tag someone,add more line,etc…

All of these are great suggestions especially the auto translate.  This is a world wide game, allow us to more easily speak to everyone!