Make Ninja Event great again.

TL;DR: Increase the time for the next Conquest and bring Ninja Event back.

The time for the next Ninja Event is very high, is the event where we win a great part of our pearls, without an event like that the Blacksmith Event becomes useless, then it needs to be more recurrent.

You put something that most of us do not like as recurring (Conquest) and a good thing for the players (Ninja Event) as non-recurring. That is bad for us, it’s a bad distribution the way you did it. Forcing the Conquest on us will not cause us to love it, it’s totally the opposite.

Yes i do agree with you the game in its current stage has sort off run into a pearlshort fall with there being so many things to forge we overall just like you said more frequently ninja events more blacksmith meltdowns those are amazing and maybe add pearls to conquest and just increase basicly overall all sorces of pearls by lets say 10% one of these atleast would be good !



Guys just wait September 28th. You will seeif the new Ninja Event will be great or not

I think you misunderstood, I’m asking for reduction of time, a month of waiting for the next Ninja Event is too long.



Sorry if it was hard to understand with the joke on the title, folks.

I agree, we need a few more pearls to help us all out. Not everyone can participate in the PL weekly, so it’d be nice to have the Ninja Event more often than this. Hopefully the time schedule changes after the 28th and we’ll get a Ninja event more often

With less ninja events, the pro leagues and blacksmith slots are getting more important as a resource of pearls. 

It’s that we now have other tasks (hint, upgrading defensive structures), otherwise I would be raiding only for buying granny items and turn them into pearls. 

Nonetheless, I think next ninja season will be a bad surprise for a lot amongst us. Gate towers will be hard to destroy, we will see conquest boosts in there so I expect it’s not a guarantee any longer to become first and get a lot of pearls, like before. There is a reason why we need to wait that long and it’s definitely not only the conquest.

Let me guess…Flare will make the new Ninja Event so hard same the low tier at 1500 and 2000 will have trouble to win Rank 1. We know flare its not free what they do. A bad surprise will come with the new ninja event. I have a feeling its will not be good

Wish we could just roll back time. I was really enjoying the game until the upgrade.

Now I am just getting bored with it. Never felt that way in 4 years. 

Alliance player login times are down, donations are down, and moral of players is basically in the toilet!!!

And it just seems that instead of helping the flare team just keeps flushing.


Yeah probably the majority will have roll back to 3.0.0 or before if that was possible like a program. Pretty sure 90% will have reject 4.0 and return in previous version of the game

Maybe ninja will now give three times as many pearls, since it’s three times less frequent.


Yeah, no.

I think they did great making ninja events duration long. You know I was getting bored playing ninja events. Making them rare event is a method of making them precious. Everyone wants a precious item with them. Now I am eager to fight in ninja events. I am missing them a lot in their abundance. And of course Flare need to increase their stats I guess and make the levels hard.