Make one more lvl to waves!!

Defence become ***** after you add this new guardian, so need boost to defence. 


Please add one more lvl to waves, thx

Show it in wars. Its still kinda like a hell

Please show me video of a *****ty top defense from RL or VL with your full skull gear.

I want to learn your secret.

Not all the game is about RL VN or TOD most of players, millions plays in low alliance, if you dont have conquest boost, your base way too easy. 

Game need balance! 

So … you weren’t talking about the top defenses in the game?

Then I fail to see what point you were trying to make with your initial comment. There’s no point complaining that non top defenses are bad, since they’re either still upgrading or only lightly forged. They’re still a work in progress, they’re not the finished product so they’re not supposed to be super hard to beat.


Worse idea for one reason. if you take time to look. You can find really hard base at low and medium level. All depend if the person have up his tower and forge them. With 9 Waves at 40+ some base are a pain if you don’t have the power. So yeah guardians broke the game under 90. At the moment you reach level 90+ and face level 100-110 full boosted and forged. Its a real pain same with pals and guardians

The +1 level to wave will only affect those at the higher end, so there shouldn’t be much worries from the mid level players.


Defenses at the higher end is really bad now. Horribly bad. I say this with a benchmark in mind. The top 10 in leaderboard should be there because their defenses are the best. Instead, the top 10 consists of players who either get trophies dumped by allies, or they raid other ‘top’ defenses non stop because it’s easy to do so due to defenses… well… being bad.


They should also redo forges and buff them, like what they did in 4.0.


I’m not saying this for myself, my towers are only forged at about 80+ on average. I would, however, like to feel the challenge this game has to provide, where it once has, whereby bases with 300 forges on average are actually difficult and there’s a sense of achievement in the game when I defeat them.

I suggest a live server update, instead to add another levelto waves. Actually only the gate has more levels than waves (units, spells, towers, obstacles, farms and taverns have less levels).

Maxed waves already takes nearly 2 years to finish with all other upgrades. I don’t see the need for one more, and I disagree with you, the guardians didn’t make defense crappy, they made them fair. Guardians are the only reason Phoebe has a chance to be defeated every time and anyway, a base with maxed waves is extremely hard to defeat! I seriously see no point in adding another level

Waves take too much time to lvl up, I suggest buff jester instead, because they’re obsolete since gardians… Just run ahead with donkey and you disabled all jester in a row…

2 years??? 

  Waves need buf just once, thats all

He means for players who just start to play. In that case indeed it will take a while before every wave is maxed. For players who already have it maxed, of course it won’t take that long. 

Yep, Dena is correct. All I’m saying is that from the beginning of the game it should take about 2 years to fully max your waves. You have NINE waves to max. That’s a heck of a lot of gold you need to get in order to max them all. I really don’t think we need another round of waves

Wolf, viking and nacro all. Toghther in one wave!!! 

Go go flare 

It’s  2 and a half years to max all waves.

It’s too long already.

I’m at ARREBIMBAs side … more waves are not good. Last Year we got one wave more, when i remeber right.

its already a little too much insane. 2 year and half. new players don’t have the motivation to go further level 30 when he/she discover the time needed to max all of this building,units and waves. If you continue to add new level of defense,waves and more. RR2 will reach a point of no return (Maybe already too late)

Why player stop in RR2 and less in OR? because in RR2 Flare have make the mistake to listen a little too much people who have ask more levels each time. Result new players are not blind and see the insane time needed for RR2 so they stop really fast at the moment one person of his alliance tell him the time needed to max all

in OR I have start in April not 1 year and my stuffs are already maxed. The funny part is we have no events to help us build. OR have a mechanics that a love so much. The stats of defense tower follow and grow with your Ascension level

RR2 should have take this system and have make defense tower follow your King Level to avoid to add too much level for waves and building. You know Flare never have listen since 2014 before Madlen come. Sadly that was already too late. RR2 is hurt over year 

So please no more level. We just ask no more level. RR2 is already down.

Make more lvl to waves!!! 

No Pro boost,No Alliance, No Troops, he raid top 1  solo with heal!!!

Make more lvl to waves!!! 


I agree defense is extremely weak. Defenses where base is max and top boosts and highly forged should be VERY HARD. These days people can solo a base using fritz. How ridiculous is that?!

Version #5 is coming out.

They will have this for certain!