Make possible building in "pocket"

I know, it is possible to do it, using a glitch.

So, make it possible for all - build towers/obstacles NOT on the map


Please :slight_smile:

It would be indeed great to work on a tower in some kind of factory instead of on the map. 

Especially for low level towers, they aren’t handy, since defense is weakened. I would also like to have the choice between upgrading a tower on the map or inside some factory.

I right now have all my towers maxed once again. Having said that, I would like to recreate new towers, but for doing that I must replace maxed towers on the map with very weak versions (or no tower at all, when I build a new one). It would be great if we could work on other defensive structures, without influencing structures on the map.  Of course towers not maxed can be upgraded on the map, but new ones need some kind of factory to prepare towers. 

Yup, this has been brought up on my threads.

Either alternative Realm or upgrading inside the inventory is a good choice.


i think its a bad idea for Flare

They forcing us to cpeed up towers if we wanna have max towers


It sounds like that bug should be fixed first :slight_smile:

I saw a screenshot with upgrade bar inside inventory, so this possibility is already in the game! Just turn it on! :slight_smile: