Make Real Tournaments

Having the same people do the same things in Leagues week after week is redundant and boring.


So let’s have real tournaments where players go ‘head-to-head’. Here’s one possible scenario:


Every winner of Diamond League gets placed in a 16-King bracket. Kings face off against each other: The player who gets the highest percentage of the other base defeated in the lowest amount of time moves on (% complete X # seconds = score). Players are seeded based on their Diamond League medal count. Each King has 1 day to play the other King’s base. Tournaments last 4 days. A player who doesn’t play is disqualified, and the opponent moves on automatically. Can be best score out of 3 raid attempts.




Round 1 (no victory): 10 gems, go back to Diamond League

Round 2 (only 1 victory): 25 gems

Round 3 (2 victories): 75 gems

Round 4 (champion):  500 gems for victor, 250 gems for runner up


The winner of each tournament goes on to a new tournament (consisting of winners from the previous tournament) until all players for a given cycle are used up. The tournaments will have a leaderboard so people can follow the action and see who is truly the top King in a given month.


It would be utterly captivating to watch as the results poured in. Alliance stats for the tournaments would also be displayed. It would make the game more personal, as we’d be going head-to-head. It would expose who is truly atop the leaderboard and who just plays wimpy bases all day.


It would make Diamond League more competitive because people would battle to get to the tournament. And Diamond League would also clear up a bit for players who find players from Vanguard or SK populating the league every time.


What would you modify about this idea? I feel like it’s time something like this has begun.

Sorry if this idea has come up. I tried to search, but nothing came up on Google doing a search.

And I can imagine a tournament for a Alliances, too, but I’ll save that for another day.

@Blookie Bloo,


You know there is an edit button if you want to say more? 


Also, I have not seen an idea quite like this come up before.


Anyway, this is a very interesting idea. However, I had always thought about where the game generates a number of bases, and you have to beat as many as you can. The person with the highest number of these wins, etc. But yours is more engaging than mine.



It’s the same. In top league.

Those who long ago built, and who do not need to constantly accumulate gold.

They focus on the league.

And for beginners and average performance is very difficult to beat them.

As always discrimination against new players. As well as complicated dungeons.

In addition, the double discrimination of Windows users. No free food.


Indeed, it may be made sixth league?

Where medals are given only for attacks on participants in the same league.


In general, the concept of “League” discredited because in the same league, no one is fighting with each other.

This is a pretty cool idea! I would love to see this. I hear people talking  about king verse king things a lot. I wonder if something could be done like this or having your king fight the opponents king in some fashion 

the only bit I don’t like about the idea is that you have to attack other people in the same tournament, isn’t that what you said? 

It would probably choose people based on their king level


Maybe the Tournaments shouldn’t be based solely on whether you win Diamond League, but also based on your medal count.


If you’re winning Diamond League with a huge amount of medals, you’re probably looking at Kings at level 85+ who get medal boosts. So it would sort itself out to only the top Kings.


A normal Tournament pits 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14 and so forth. So high medal counts in the Diamond League help you face easier competition in the beginning, just like every other playoff (like in the NBA, NFL, etc.). It’s an incentive to play hard and smart in DL so you advance more easily in the Tournament (more gems!). But after a few rounds, the competition will be really stiff. The lower level Kings will be enticed to upgrade their Kings/bases more quickly, which is an incentive for Flare as it may mean more gem purchases. It’s a win-win for players and developers.

im pretty sure the entire bronze-diamond is the entire tournament since in the bronze has 25 and then diamond has less people and the higher tournament you are in it gets tougher so it pretty much is a real tournament

It really sounds like a cool idea. I just wonder how to group people properly.


Grouping them by hero levels solely, without respecting base strength, will benefit players with players that focused on defense first (or got massive gold aids by their alliances and friends) and have a very strong base compared to their hero level, granting them most likely victory in every tournament.

Grouping them by base strength however, is complicated and prone to trophy dumping, open base and other things, and favours higher level kings with same base strength. A combined approach complicates this even further…

A purely medal-based grouping would be mostly crap - sry for the word - as by a max farms package or videos, even 1500 trophy players with lvl 40-50 king easily can win a diamond league with like 30k+ trophies - I have seen this often enough. So, medal count is more about how much food can you get than actual raiding skills. Still, in a player vs player tournament, such a low level player would stand no chance at all, so in order to get a weaker group such a player would have to lose leagues, making it impossible to even participate in your suggested “above diamond” tournament…

Trophy-based grouping of course prone to trophy dumping in either direction…


Great analysis! I think it has to be an algorithm, then, that takes into account base strength, medals, trophies, and king level. I don’t think the system will ever be perfect, but I think it will be quite fun.

I would say no to a new individual tournament , lets push for alliance war instead.Individual leaderboard are almost dead now anyway.


Why not both? Individual tournament plus alliance tournament. If there’s interest in both, we should let both happen.

I like idea of alliance wars fii :grinning:

Flaregames has no unlimited man power, thus working at both at the same time won’t be possible.


Now why prefer alliance tournaments?

Probably because alliance wars might have greater potential for new and original content than another kind of singleplayer tournament, and because alliance wars were demanded/wished even before alliances actually came out already… plus, it gives something you can actually do inside the alliance except hitting a “donate” button and chatting.


Having that said, some new single player content might still be desirable, be it tournaments, (repeatable) quests/tasks, new events or whatever.