Make separate leagues for Windows&WP users

It would be a bit more fair.

This is one of the worst things: to work your tail off at a league and watch some guy beat you simply because he’s on a different platform. So disappointing. Your idea is the least they could do.

Flare doesn’t want it to be fair since this encourages windows players to buy gems and spend them

What I would like is having a free choice to either join a “regular” league, or a league where free food videos are disabled alltogether, for all participants independant of platform. 


Considering I am an android player, you may ask why. Answer is simple: 1. free food offers are bugged and unfair even among android/ios users, some get none, some get a few, some get them endlessly… 2. I don’t even want to spend all day watching videos for more attacks on all-boosted bases that I can barely/not beat. 


So, yeah, what about a choice for players to join regular or no-video-league? :slight_smile:

Would create same conditions for players of all platforms instead of splitting them up, so that you can compete with fair conditions in a platform-independant way. 

Also, I guess it might be easy to implement. Just give us 2 buttons at end of league instead of one - i.e. “Join video league” and “Join no-video league”, and disable the watch-video button for those who are in a no-video league. For creating leagues, just check a single boolean variable and group together players with same value (true/false). 

I see hard to implement this thing, they never hear us, or probably they are not interesting to do it because they could lose m1y, by the way, i’m of them that haven’t video, offer, etc because i play on pc, so i hope however they’ll do that.

  • separate leagues according to players’ levels


I’ve found players 30 levels above me on Diamond! =/

And I’ve already lost diamond leagues against players 30 levels below me, and already won against some with 30 level above me in the past… 


I don’t want to say you’re completely wrong, but just saying, king level alone doesn’t say much about “league strength”. Plus, the more criteria are used for splitting up, the harder it gets to fill up each league with enough players who start the same league at same time with same conditions. Thus, a split by food videos is (imho) more important, and it is way easier to implement and decide. Last but not least, it is what fits the original idea of the topic best: Fair competition based on ingame values instead of platform-based (dis-)advantages. 


i think king level influences the “league strength”, cause the higher the level, higher the position on rank and its not fair to compete against player with medal boost. 

there’s a player on my league right now that makes +640 medals on each raid, I can barely make 400 =(


About being harder to fill up leagues with players at same time with same conditions, they could have a fixed time to start the leagues, that would solve it.