Make skin maker please in rr2

Make skin maker for royal revolt 2 we can color our kings or queen make own face :wink: it will be fun if rr2 have skin maker

You can customize your character a bit with the hair dryer button on your king’s page (the one with all your items)

That’s not what he meant, Quantum. :wink:

A way to fully customise your king (not to mention other stuff) would be a game all in itself, and is probably too big of a feature to be added. Hell, they refuse to let you customise your troops color schemes, and that’s not a huge thing to add.

It would keep me busy for hours if there were proper customisation options though (I’m a bit of a customisation freak, ahem ).

What irony lol. Make me laugh each time sorry. They can pass weeks and month to create new stuffs like Pro boost but have no time to create stuffs who take 1 day minimum  

Oh yes… game like Skyrim.

*1000 hours in* 

I think I like this character, time to play the game!