Make "skull perk slots" during war

It’s great to have all the new unique uber gear. The boost is small for each gear, but really adds up if you get many of them.

Problem : During war, you have to lose as many as five (5) slots to skull perks. So in the cape, belt, ring, sword, and glove slots, you can’t use the unique gear without sacrificing skull perk. Almost half the game’s uptime (war season) negates so many great perks.

Solution: Create “Skull Perk Slots”. During war battles, players can have each of the 5 skull perks to be used in conjunction with their other gear.

Criticism : Some people may say that the cost of using skull perk is a weaker king. But that’s wrongheaded because a lot of effort has been put into getting all these unique item perks only to have them rendered useless. Players should be rewarded for being great players, taking advantage of events, and investing in the game. Penalizing them makes for a frustrating experience. Furthermore, some of the most desirable perks in the game (some spell perks, which I don’t have, incidentally) are ONLY available on skull perk slots. That prevents war from giving us a true picture of the potency of some of our kings.

i agree totally got great gear i cant use…need that scullperk too much

Completely agree that Skull Perks need an overhaul, Flare seem to be staying silent on this (or ignoring the questions completely).