Make spell & troop set also stick in the gear set (a,b,c,d)

This idea was come up because sometime we want to go to war with specific setup (gear with event troop boost, full frost & blizzard spell set, etc.). But since changing gear didn’t change your spell & troop, we must change it again in war screen after changing gear set. And most of the time I and few of us forgot to change the spell & troop.

It would be best if we could set gear to also include set its spell & troop. This would be helpful in the event like conquest (gear set with highest skull & spell to attack), or gold raid (full gold set & supportive spell).

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I love this idea. Different hero setups sometimes call for different spell and troop setups. This would be very useful!!!


I guess it’s related to the new forum trust levels… Tsch!

Anyway, although I can’t like it too. I fully support this idea.

Usually when I want to farm with Luck or even XP gear, my spell and unit set will surely be different than my strength/war gear.

So, if the game paired spells-units-items altogether, this would reduce the times we must change our combo.


I just want to tell the same.
Why pet stick to gear set, but guardian not???

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Have always thought this and indeed hope it becomes a thing, especially for those with the pro league subscription would make it more appealing.

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This is offtopic to the idea itself, but since the question came up in this topic, I will explain it here. Please keep the topic itself though on the idea.


You can read upon it here:

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–> i ask that in a bug report -> A: because you not see the Guardian in the hero setup that habe to change it there

I created a topic with the current battlescreen setup … the-fight-menu-setup-of-a-battle

->That would be a buying argument and and advantage for the subscription

You always have to reset most of the C -Options in the setup, thats really bad and 5 years old…

i vote for a more flexible fight menu :+1:

Hi Ariwibawa,
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Thanks for sharing this idea.

I will add a tag “interesting idea” but close the topic so the votes will be released to the voters again.
In general, this is something that would be nice to have, but it does not have any priority right now, therefore it is rather unlikely this will be added anytime soon, if at all.

Thanks! :slight_smile: