Make the Alliance Stronghold Button Blink to remind Players to Donate Alliance Resources (2)

@Madlen, in 

 you wrote “At one point the Alliance storage buildings will be full. Then the button would blink forever (well until the next Conquest) because you would have no chance to donate once the buildings are full.”

It is obvious that this blinking should be implemented as:

blink_stronghold_button = ( player_can_send_stone_resources and alliance_storage_building_for_stone_is_not_full ) or \

( player_can_send_wisdom_resources and alliance_storage_building_for_wisdom_is_not_full ) or \

( player_can_send_troop_resources and alliance_storage_building_for_troop_is_not_full )


Then you don’t need to gate that function with conquest is active or not. It would just blink whenever a player can really send some resources, and stay silent when resources cannot be sent, either because they are not ready, or the alliance storage is already full.

exactly my thoughts :-

Probably she don’t have understand the other topic. the idea of blinking was for outside Conquest of course that was obvious. Not sure that work like Madlen said. Majority of time my stuffs is full same during conquest and my button don’t blink. That why I forget all the time only until a general remember me to donate my resources. The other was send in implemented ideas but its not true. I will test it in next Conquest but not sure the button really blink same during Conquest

Yes, whenever there is room in the Stronghold for any resources to be donated, button should blink if you are ready to donate. This should happen whether Conquest is running or not.

Yes! This is exactly what we’ve been asking for.

As long as the player has 1 resource full AND the alliance has room for that resource, that button should blink.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a Conquest running or not.


Thank you @thomas239!

For the coding impaired reader:


Blink Alliance Stronghold Button…
when Stone is ready to be sent and Alliance Stone is not full
or Wisdom is ready to be sent and Alliance Wisdom is not full
or Troops are ready to be sent and Alliance Troops are not full

Conquest is over, the alliance resources are depleted and the button doesn’t flash anymore, which makes it very easy to forget to donate.

Flashing buttons works! We do whatever we can to stop the flashing ?

Please reconsider this.

Yep, I forgot to donate today!


I think that there are few people who forget to press if this is also put next to.



I will not explain it any more.

I’m no longer interested in the end of this game. Interpret it as you like

Why are you on the forum then?

Most of the announcements need to be translated into Japanese.
If the Japanese do not fight after knowing it, this game will never be fair.

No more reply is required.

You are right at that point…

maybe they should add language in would be helpful…

try to make a topic on that in ideas section

I just suggested that I want Flare to translate the official youtube videos in the previous forum.


o youtube videos!sorry i though something else

Changes in detailed data of information should be obtained by everyone at the same time.

First of all, the first thing you can easily do with Flare is to attach a translation to the official video.

I think you and I imagine it as the final point of the same thing.

I’m just asking the first thing to flare.





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