Make the Alliance Stronghold Button Blink to remind Players to Donate Alliance Resources

Currently the donate button blinks when we should donate gold to the alliance.

The Alliance Stronghold Button should also blink when we should donate resources. 

Seriously you created enough random/bizzare resources that we have to harvest for random places and donate and collect, etc… you could at least make things blink to remind us! 

already suggestion we have made over and over and over and over and over and wait…again

  • Donation to stronghold when they are ready. At 100% time I never think about this same after 4.0. today still forget to donate. Each time someone must remember me on the chat to donate. So if I do it maybe others players forget too. Not a feature I paid attention

  • Take the Free ticket for Pro League. Each time I must remember to check regularity because if its ready you don’t have any info or nothing. So its possible to miss a free ticket over a week

  • Nothing about someone who ask on the chat for insta troop. So If I don’t check. No clue there is someone who ask for it. So help us with a (1) in the black bar. Like WWE Champions when someone ask to help him heal his roster a (1) appear on faction. So we know someone ask for help

and so on… they add new stuffs but forget to add feature to help us with the new feature. Stop add strange stuffs and fix already feature stuffs in the game you have add in the past

I think sometimes I see it blink is it just me? This only happens in conquest event I think, or am I hallucinating?

Yes, it does happen, but ONLY during the Conquest

This is already in the game, but it is only activated when a Conquest is active. At one point the Alliance storage buildings will be full. Then the button would blink forever (well until the next Conquest) because you would have no chance to donate once the buildings are full. This would be rather annoying, so that’s why it is how it is atm.

Thank you for your idea.