Make the Dooms Gate more powerful

Can you make the Dooms Gate more powerful so it will be interesting to fight for in war? Many alliances find the Dooms Gate no reward to fight for. 

An idea would be intimidate bombs like the Heavenly Haven, Electric bolts to freeze enemy troops for an instant or an ability of a tower that is placed at the gate. So for example, poison will be thrown at enemy troops when a Snake Tower is placed at the gate.

Anyway, please have a look at the Dooms Gate. 

I think the weaker the gate is, the more the odds increase that gate towers survive. So a lot of teams aren’t even interested in a stronger (doom) gate. 

Main problem of a doom gate is that it can be stunned by an ogre, it doesn’t matter how strong a gate is, once it is stunned, that boost is useless. That should be prevented. 

Having said that, I would not advice to make bombs depending on gate towers, this would only stimulate to put a lot of towers there. 

Isn’t the wolf’s howl immune to stun spell? Maybe Flare can make the (Doom) Gate immune to Ogre’s stun ?