Make the game more difficult

I have some great games to make the game harder and better.

  1. Do more information about the clan when we want to join. Last seasons and all boosters.

  2. The scenery can give cool bonuses. When we have Burned Rocks, we can have a better Gargoyle and Pyromancer Tower in defense. When we have Northland, we have a better cold tower and froster.

  3. Perform daily tasks.

  4. Add video from the battle when the enemy attacked our castle. After adding this, we can see our gaps in action.

I’m sorry i made mistake ?. 

I checked translations. ?


Translated :slight_smile:

No one have answer because no one understand what you means. If you want a game harder. Just gain more Trophy and reach top 10. Enjoy do 0% in base and be destroy always and join Top 10 Alliance. you will see this game cannot be more harder right there. Good luck (if you are not level 120+ with max stuffs forged at +100)