Make the Monk a Ranged Unit

A while ago, I’d posted saying the Monk shouldn’t be able to Hit a Firebolt Tower.

The Monk as it is, is not a siege weapon.  He looks like he’s got tiny arms and a tiny staff nothing about his “range” (being able to hit a Firebolt Tower) makes sense.  The Ogre is pretty much carrying a tree (that makes sense)!

But today, I had a thought, go the other way.  Say the monk throws some sort of magic with his staff, and give him range that would mean the Monk would be more likely to hang back with the archers and heal them!  I like that idea a lot better!



I like the idea of a monk being a ranged unit  :wink:

A monk that shoots from the distance and keeps healing sounds good. It is weird to see those guys runing at the king like they could kill him, a unit with such kamikaze attacks isn’t worth 10 morale…

What the f#ck?  Is this the first time I suggested something and everybody liked it?

Only two have agreed, don’t get too hyped…

Monk can already attack obstacles on the adjacent lane so it pretty much does the same work of a ranged unit but with a extremely low range of course. Personally I like the way it is :slight_smile:

yes Coz I mainly used knights, monk, mummy so since there is no ranged units my prefered offence. And high level firebolts doesn’t get destroyed by 1 hit SB. With monk you can’t be sure that they will attack the FB’s coz it seems so random. Having a slight more range would help :slight_smile:

Another request I would make is to make the Monk’s graphics smaller…  They obviously made him large to justify the long reach of his staff (which is stupid) he should just be a ranged unit.  (It’s also stupid cause a monk is still a human, he shouldn’t be giant!)  But most importantly, he should be smaller because with the super large units we already have we don’t need any more congestion in the path!

Well, where everybody liked it, yeah, maybe. But I have definitely liked some of your ideas in the past :grinning:

One thing I wish most, though, is that he had a bigger trigger range - they absolutely ignore firebolts lightnings in corners.

I totally agree with you.  And giving it a more significant range would obviously solve that problem.  it’s really annoying having a feature like being able to reach towers, but not having it be dependable. 

I actually think the Monk should also walk a little bit slower. 

Cause currently he tends to get a head of all the guys he should be healing.  I’d rather have him hang out in the back and cast his healing spells.

Oh, and one more thought on the Monks, I don’t think they should be so quick to panic.  I always see them running and screaming from Werewolves and Firebolt Towers and that’s not very Monk-like.

I’ve always thought monks are very weak and and fearful. Have you seen monks in Mortal Kombat? Now those are disposable monks, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yeah. I haven’t played enough games to know how monks are seen generally. I just see them like calm people.

buenas tarde a todos, disculpen no hay servidor?¡ es que no puedo entrar

Alguien no sabe usar el foro ni conoce las reglas… A mí el juego me entra perfectamente bien. Y tranquilo, me puede hablar por mensaje privado cualquier duda y quizá yo pueda ayudarle…

These are obviously warrior monks. 

But the whole monk thing is supposed to be mind over body… 

They shouldn’t be running and screaming by any understanding of the Monk, panic is not monk-like!

They most important character of a monk should be patience and tolerance!! So Monk shouldn’t panic!! I agree with you guys in that point. It would even be better it was a little slower coz often it runs faster than my other units. Monks main reason is to heal so i think they should stay back to heal the troops not go forward and die. So a little slower speed will help.