Make the new royal revolt 3 soon THANK YOU 4 royal revolt

New games, royal revolt!

Its better they merge players accounts because no one will wan to start all over again if a new royal revolt was to come out… Just updating and tweaking is enough to be honest

I would want to start over!

nah id rather them just keep adding new content to RR2 for now

You can’t put in new content forever…

Honestly I’d rather keep RR2 and have them add on features because I feel RR3 would be pushing waters since you’d have to literally force people off RR2 to get them to convert to RR3 and even then you might just “scare” away players from playing anymore Flare products.  That’s what happened to Kabam with their Fast and Furious 6 game once they made Fast and Furious: Legacy it kind of killed off the player base and will wreck it since they’re shutting the old game down for good.  I’m all for new games but a game like this is too much of a hassle to start over; even if it is fun.

Yeah, if it’s the same gameplay, I’m out

Simply make RR3 as an additional huge junk of content for RR2. And make it cost 5-10$ let’s say. Alliance castles (where everything is upgradeable through alliance gold/periods of time), alliance castle wars as a result (could make it like DoTa map, where heroes + troops would meet while there are upgradable towers and troops everywhere). Also something like dungeons for heroes, or some raids on hard bosses together with your alliance (PvE content). There are infinite possibilities that would make RR2 a worldwide hit, while would earn flare lots of money. I was working in game dev for quite some time - so it’s not that hard to write concept on all those features that could bring A LOT of money to the flare, while players from all over the world would enjoy the best game ever :grinning:

i am agree from sir Revenant, but it seems it will gonna need more mb size in downloading for next royal revolt 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Revenant’s idea sounds great, I think it would also include something like a PvP mode where two players fight each other at the same time with sorrounding towers (each player would have their own, prepared beforehand via upgrades) and also units (also prepared like the towers), but they would be called to battle just like the actual units in RR2 (you choose them before the fight and then spend morale points to call them).

Flare should make a new game and continue updating this one for a while

I want to start all over again hiehe

I spent all the time to upgrade things (and still not upgrade all ) and i should start all over again !? No thanks !

Only persons who would want to start over would either be persons who alliance aren’t doing well of kings who are at very low level… Persons who invested allot of time and effort into this game wouldn’t like to just start all over… If you want to start over, just make a new account :slight_smile:

I will stick with RR2, seriously. One reason, I DON"T WANT TO START OVER AGAIN!