Make the Shield Spell have more resistance against Cannons

Title basically says it all. The Shield spell needs much more resistance against the cannon’s blunt damage. Right now, 2 shots from a cannon will take out an entire maxed out shield. Since the shield is resistance to all other types of damage, it would make sense to make the cannons not take off the shield in 1 second

Bump. This is an issue that needs to be changed

Damage to the shield is relative to the unit it is shielding.

So an enemy cannon’s blunt damage would deal less damage to a shield if it’s on your own cannon (since blunt resistance), than if the shield is on an archer (zero blunt resistance).

I know, Bobo, but what I’m saying is that on the king and king alone, the shield is resistant to pretty much everything except cannons

I dont think the extra hitpoints on the shield spell would make the game more exciting. My suggestion (especially) for the shield spell would be to add reflect damage to whoever attacks a shielded unit by 200% for as long as the hitpoints of the shield last !!! 

…wouldn t that be nice???  :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m saying @megatheo! I’m not suggesting to give Shield more hitpoints, but to have more resistance to cannons

No worries AwesomestKnightest I understand u completely :slight_smile: …but wouldnt it be nicer to know that when u have a classic ambush with a group of enemy cannons waiting around the corner to snipe you and your troops down, with this shield spell you will make em pay BIG-time!!! due to their high blunt damage the 200% reflect damage of the new shield would instant-kill them !!!

…it d be soooooooo satisfying to have an uber defensive wave to die by in seconds by its own firepower to a bunch of shielded knights… I d say IN-YOUR-FACE defensive wave …every time!!!  :-)

…Now THATS entertainment!!!