Make thresholds instead of Ranking in Ninja Event

So much of the complaining in the ninja event rewards can be solved very easily by creating thresholds to get rewards instead of rankings/placements.

Top tier, full reward : for those who earn >98% of max ninja coins. This allows for 3 crashed CoF plus a missed tower.

Second tier, 50% of full reward : for those who earn 97% of max ninja coins. This prevents those who miss many CoF from getting full prize.

Third tier, 10% of full reward : for those who earn 95% of max coins. This prevents those who miss many CoF and gate towers from getting full prize.

Lower tiers : Multiple failed islands incur major reward penalty, no uber chests, and much fewer ninjas.


And that’s it! Crashes/disconnects don’t completely frustrate players and disrupt the event, and players will still give their all to get top tiers.


Change the reward system and quell so much of crash/disconnect frustration, Flare.

Let’s see:

1st ninja event i got 9 misses in CoF and 100% perfect raids. 240900 / 249000 = 96.747%
I think, i should get the 2nd tier instead of 3rd though, so adjust the threshold to maybe 96%?

2nd ninja event i got 4 misses in CoF and missed 1 tower (89 coins). 277511 / 282000 = 98.408%
That would be 1st tier. Seems ok. I had no crashes before CoF, but some alliance members had
the most crash numbers in their RR2 career. They wouldn’t get 1st tier without them doing anything
wrong. Although you could argue, that them riding a dead horse (Windows Phone :lol:) can be seen
as their own mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall: the idea is great :slight_smile:


Hello Mogor,

It seems you are aware of all the issues of COF crashes. I don’t know why everyone complained abt COF crashes but for your kind information I too have 3 different IGN in windows platform itself. You will be interested to know, that dead horse you wrote about is working fine with me. BTW I m finding it hard to watch videos in Andriod so I m replacing it by windows device.

@Alysea; you are suppose to be a gurdian & against insulting. What’s wrong now Mogor is insulting all the windows players. I guess you also enjoy it so you are quite.

@Developers; nothing is going wrong in windows platform after the ninja event. Just do me a favour let the video work in windows phone. Others working fine no complain.

@Moderator why are you two mute on this. Have you rolled out of this platform.

Do you even know, what these are?

:lol:  :stuck_out_tongue:

For your information, as you obviously took it the wrong way: i didn’t want to insult anyone.
I just wanted to tell you, that market share does matter. The simple fact, that Windows Phone
only has a market share of 5-10% (the trend is going down, see Windows Phone is dead, they
even state only 2% market share), implies: (game development and other) companies will more
and more not support Windows Phone, or their engagement will be half hearted. Why?
Because they won’t get the same profit that they can make when releasing apps on iOS or
Android. You can see this exactly with RR2: have you heard or read of crashes on iOS? I didn’t.

You like your Windows Phone and that is comletely fine with me. But you have to accept the
consequences: less apps with maybe less quality, because of less profit for the companies.

Devs can do nothing about videos not working for us on Windows. And Mogor clearly didn’t insult anyone, I see no problem there  ^_^

Why don’t you revaluate all around figure?

It’s RR2 fault they can’t cop up with windows platform. They are just happy with the phone industry dominate by china.

Very soon the largest populated country is coming online. Lets see how much time flare stays by your side.

Mogor they are just a roling stone.

I hope you don’t against any complaint. Let Flare handle this.

I m crossing you out of my liking list for this. You double crossing ****.

Now hows that for unclear i*****.

Lol, you must be a troll account :wink:

and im mean nasty troll lol



So what seems to bother you two ?

not much lol


Agreed, but your timing is usually great :slight_smile:

The best thing to do is to ignore Keymen, he will eventually get banned…again. 

Thanx for the update man.

I really don’t like to get quote.

Thanx again.

Oh I’m sorry then that I quoted you.

Don’t worry I like your post sometimes. I too quote you so we are even. Just don’t get in my head. This is where I start to **** up.

& thanx again

If we get in your head just by expressing a different opion than yours, you should seek psychological help. Seriously.

Oh, and by the way, you seem to have a keyboard problem, some letters seem to appears as * instead of the actual letter. You should check that out too, it also seem to appears in some of your other earlier post. 

Have a nice day.

Entertaining thread

No one is defending flare for their flaws.  At the same time some one just posted about the business aspect of things and the sad reality if one platform vs the other.   


So take a chill pill and relax keyman. Have fun

And coming back on topic,. I love the original idea in this post.

This ninja event makes me wonder what happens if 2 players get the same amount of medals in a league.  :huh:


why don’t you find me one?

Yes you’re Right about that one. I tried many time but couldn’t get Right it. Must be the system filtering some offending words. Is that happening to me only or you too get filtered.