Make user's account more secured

Hi there,

I think that FG must make user’s account more secured and easy to switch between differents devices. Most easy way it’s linking user’s account with a fixed email, or an FaceBook acc, Twitter acc, microsoft or apple’s id.

First of all, recently, many vietnamese user’s accounts were simply hacked by feedback to FG. And the hacker only needs to know the relative amount of gems, tower levels, exp etc. The user’s account is not well protected. I do know that some people had used faked bill to Feedback an account.

Secondly, many users have more than one device : android tablet, apple ipad, windows tablet, smartphone etc. And it will be very happy if we can play in our differents devices when we want, where we are, etc. according to our situation.

So, we’ll really appreciate if FG should find an solution to make our acc more secured, and we can play rr2 in every our device.

Many thanks in advance.

We have asked many times, FG doesn’t seems to want to make this big a change. I really want the game to be linked to an account.