Make War boosts permanently unlocked

So i realized that war boosts you win in a war season aren’t actually permanently unlocked, you have to win them again and again every single war season if you want to keep them wtf.

Considering the amount of effort that goes into obtaining them, it would make more sense progression wise to have to win wars to unlock them once and then have them permanently unlocked.

I know that it probably doesn’t make a difference to top alliances that win all the time but for a smaller alliance that might take months to win frenzy frost blaster just once it really feels like an exercise in futility.

It’s not like people will stop doing wars once they have them all unlocked, the chests are pretty valuable enough on their own+fun factor of it being the only real end game content.

Currently for mid to low tier alliances its like:

Spend potentially months of effort to get desired war boost—> enjoy for 1 season —> gone now

More than the chests, low and mid tier alliances fight for boosts. That’s what makes good alliances and war seasons the only fun thing left in this game. In high level alliances, everyone is obliged to play all their battles. You can’t achieve 100% attack in low and mid tier alliances. Progression of the game is such that once you become too good for your alliance, you will leave for a higher level alliance. It’s not possible for low and mid tier alliances to keep upgrading to max unless you put in a lot of money and I mean a LOT. Elite boosts are enough to reach top spot if you are aiming for it.

Originally it was like that, win once and can prolong forever.But it makes war much more meaningless, only fight for fiefdom which leads to many pre-arraged war ranking.So the rule changed since then, for the better.