Makes the Knights bigger!

I just realized that Granny is bigger than the knights. Please fix, or give us the option to summon Granny.

  1. Path is small so you can have more at once

  2. This topic is stupid and pointless

C’mon, you can’t deny how ironic it is that Granny is twice the size of the knights. Guys who’ve been training their whole lives, and then some old lady is able to use their heads as armrests. It doesn’t necessarily bother me, but it’s worth pointing out. And with all the other silly suggestions in this forum, you can’t really blame me for not taking it seriously~ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe you noticed that but maybe you didnt notice that chickens are big as the doors of houses lol ^^ it’s all disproportionate and also there are 4 shadows that reflected in rocks of the two crows that turn around the wizard’s tower as exist 2 sun lol  :wink:


rofl  :lol:

If we could summon granny, that hag better be immortal. Ima be pissed if she dies in battle and stops selling me stuff. Although…you could make it so shes like rediculously powerful…but if she falls in battle it takes like a week for her shao lin powers to recover, and no items for that period…?


Also…as for the crows…obviously that gem on top is a light source, so of course it gives the crows another shadow. The chickens look fine when I zoom in on them too…mebbe I got teh baby chickens? :wink:


Id say the biggest issue is the massive coins floating above the taverns. Them things must weight a few tons. Imagine one of them falling, and crushing all the poor workers tryna get their drink on XD

Hahaha! xD Omg. I just imagine flipping a quarter to the barkeep, and it suddenly turning giant and falling on you x.x

Here’s how I imagine Battle Granny… She’s slow, and she heals you. Enemies do not attack her. However, her beast is so big and slow, that no monsters or machinery can get past her x) Just imagine getting stuck behind Granny.

Oh! 0: On the other hand, maybe she just stays back so as to not get in the way of the fighting. Kinda like, you know, solidifying the ground you’ve taken. Once you’ve cleared the enemies from an area, you can always go back to Granny to heal~ ^_^

bigger knight = paladin  :wink:

Yeah and give them horses too so that they can jump over the blockades,stand over their horses and then jump over ogres with their swords shouting…FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN…YAAAAAA…hehehe

Yah and lets give them king gear and crowns while we’re at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck yeah! Groups of kings fighting a battle on open field! 

Oh wait, it’s called alliance wars, right? :wink:

More like war gnomes. Don’t forget their flaming swords when they get boosted! :grinning: