Making conquest (slightly) less annoying

What I find REALLY annoying about conquest (apart from how usually boring and time consuming it is), is the wave of notifications when you log in. It’s not the number that’s annoying (at least not just the number) - it’s how completely useless and uninformative they are.

Case 1: inbox

You log in and see some 30 messages in your alliance inbox. You take a look and what you see: your team beat team x, your team beat team x, your team lost to team x, x started tower construction. What is the point of that? If at least it said on what tile has said event occured then it would be somewhat informative. Copying the war result format from wars and multiplying it by ten is useless spam. Either give a full result disclosure for each result (with a button that shows all relevant info, like location, participants, skull counts etc) or don’t bother with uninformative stuff that I must waste time deleting. The only informative notification is research, because it at least tells what research is undertaken.

Case 2: conquest map

You go into the map and the game spins and whirls all over the place slamming you in the face with war results. It doesn’t give you any particularly interesting info either, just the skull counts (as well as a headache from the map zooming in and out and stuff). Takes too long and isn’t particularly useful. You already know you won/lost wars by looking through the inbox, you don’t need to be told again except with annoying visuals. Instead have a notification button on the map screen that lists recent results with actual details. Also, for some reason I keep getting the impression the number of war results in the inbox and in the map don’t match.

The conquest notifications feature can be made both useful and comfortable without a whole lot of effort (amazing, in’nit). So why not just go and do it.

I want to get info if I or my tower get attacked. Not that spam.

i agree with the above comments and would like to add: when we get notifications that a war was won/lost- there should be a button you can click on to see the info from that war (might be the same as Jig said above), and when we fight in the war season, we can click on the button in our mail notification saying “the war season is over- you placed # place”, and it goes to the final map of the war season.  Why doesn’t the conquest do that?  “the conquest is over- your team placed #”, and you click on a button and boom- there’s the final conquest map- completely uncovered, showing all teams’ territories and towers, just like the war season map shows all the tiles won by each team.  As it stands, there is only the “trash” button for the conquest message.  It’s kind of pointless if you’re going to tell us the conquest is over but if we weren’t on a minute before it ended, we have no idea how things ended up for everyone.