Making the pro pals Pro

Other than Ceres the PRO line up is pretty much a flop.

And I am not being mean its just no one uses them?

Phoebe as beast is good but that’s a different beast as you say.

I just don’t get why a pro pet that you save for with crystals and buy is not something more special?

Phoebe could have been panda + a perk

eris could have been Archimedes + a perk

I know they were meant to be different but you would assume better different not meh?

Nemesis well is a pipe dream for 99% so I will leave that out.

Anyway, I thought it worth raising and maybe others have some good ideas

Ideas are always welcome.

Yes, I think pro pals should have one more perk than the other pals or a stronger perk. 


For example:  

Panda: Tammy (perk=healing) and Phoebe (perk= special (more stronger) healing than perk from Tammy) 

Or maybe give Pro Pals an aura as boost.

A Rabies Rabbit. Casting shield. And having a healing aura.(new pall)

Phoebie having a bomb knockback aura

Ceres having an Sonic blast aura

And so on.

Aura range increase by pall level.

Aura effect increase by Hero level 


Phoebe can be given another power in his attack like every other pro pal have 3 abilities in them like Ceres have 100 fear chance shadow morale and normal attack, while phoebe only have blessing and blunt damage

Either It could be given a perk or a bit change in the blessing power

I really really really like the idea of pro pals having auras ? I hope they will consider this suggestion

Yes that’s a nice option, also the base effectiveness of the pals now need to be fixed also

If you compare eris to Archimedes its wonky… half the piercing and as special ability so 12 times less often.( or 24 times weaker?) plus stun is half almost in duration and range. Yes eris has lightening but really I don’t think even that is great. fixing range and duration would be a first step

Same as the healing on phoebe basically its only value is if you run without troops which no one does? 

Then adding the ideas like you have pointed out make it value add 

(neat idea :grinning: )


Also, Pals should user their Power in Front of the King. Pheobe`s Blessing is always cast a very big distance BEHIND the King which makes it useless as following Units, who walk through the blessed Area are mostly not injured at all.

I want a variety of strengths other than Phoebe Beast.

Pls Making the pro・Beast Pro too.  

Never been attracted by one of them and problably never will be. if at least Pro pal will offer some advantage that the normal don’t have like :

Phoebe : Offer +50% heal regeneration to Monk

So if you use Monk in offense will make them more useful. Its just a example maybe this one will be too much OP

Eris : Offer +25% damage of piercing damage

So Sword Rain, Archer and more will be a little more dangerous if you use Eris

if each Pro pal offer something special maybe a lots of player will use something else than just Kaiser,Tammy,Irmgard,Aska.etc…

At this moment I prefer the normal one