Malala brave little girl rr2

Is it true that brave little girl malala playing games rr2? What was her ign I try Google but it not told me  

:huh: who is this?

Where did you hear that she played RR2?

Found reliable info in the internet Google machine 

She would keep her privacy in case this was real, don`t you think?

Btw. you did really google explicit for Malala playing RR2? Or did you find it out just by chance discovery?

No if I was her I would tell :slight_smile:

I found it out specificaly. I spent a few hours doing researches 

Malala brave little girls if you in forums please telling me

I wouldn’t tell him if I was you, Malala. (get a life, Mac! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh sorry I’m just wondering