MaliceForce(8) - please advise

Hello everyone,
I just started playing again after long, long time. I found out I inherited a clan, MaliceForce(8).
It is level 8 at the moment. Do you guys think it’s worth the efforts to develop this alliance, or would it be better to join another one?
Your advises will be strongly appreciated.

Hi friend. That goes in the person. I tell you that I am a leader and being a leader consumes you. If you want to go more quiet, join an alliance, but if you want your head to hurt, lead the alliance. :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile: Indeed, my intention is not to lead this (or any) alliance in the future, but the question is whether it’s worth it to grow, or should I just abandon it. Level 8 is not much, right?

I suggest you to write requirements to enter in your alliance, which boosts you are going to prolong and the level of beasts.

nope… lvl 8 is a day’s work… I had an alliance of my own with lvl 16 in a week (alliance HQ and other alliance units lvl 2), holy paldins boost always activated… Then, it was a tough job leading an alliance, as low levelled people who joined my alliance were very little interested in participating wars and conquests (as they were not familiar with these events)… We played a conquest, which we luckily won, as 2-3 newbies followed my advice and joined the conquest… However, it was a constant headache…

Join different allaince and work hard to be a general there… General is not as headache as being a leader…

Even if you are little low levelled, you’ll get a good alliance with experienced players… That way, it is fun…

Thank you so much!
I followed your advice and accepted the invitation for a much stronger alliance.