Malicious Monk

Hi did anyone notice the video of the 

Malicious Monk ? 

It is only showing offensive tips. Does the same happen to them in defense?  If so then its worth having few of them in the defense. 

If somebody has any information, kindly share.



Something brewing up!!

Kings and Queens! Looks like we managed to crack 800.000 likes! We are overjoyed and already planning something special for this Friday to celebrate. Stay tuned…

Glad I maxed my monks. I didn’t see this video before.

It doesn’t happen in defense, only in offense those monks use black magic. Otherwhise we could face a ghost hero (how about that? :wink: )

Maybe it’s time to exchange my knights for monks when that season boost comes active.

My monks are permanent with the knights…wonderful combo.  They should have had some kind of benefit in the defensive waves this war season.  :ph34r:

I actually don’t use monks in offense, since my uber item for frosters. I am still considering if I keep the knights or not in offense.

My ranged troops become more and more important lately and when we face even stronger towers, I don’t want a non ranged troop to activate a tower that costs me almost my entire army. I am thinking of exchanging my blizzard by bladestorm to take out barricades and troops, my ranged troops can do the rest.


Yes, if the barricades can be removed, knights main use is over. Until and unless you want some fodder. 

just too Over Powered.How the hell do I have to set defence for it.Everything I use it replicates against me.Do I have to remove all the troops for it? plz suggest … IGN: Key-Men

Is it a fixed level of black magic that’s being cast or is it my current black magic level ?

I guess it depends on the fiefdoms your alliance has. Since war boosts depends upon the number of fiefdoms and elite boosts depends upon the level of the alliance.

I just wrote a long reply to Macamus’ question but at the moment I wanted to post it someone merged the topic, grrr :wink:

Anyway, will make it shorter this time.

to EvilBert:

No, special war boosts don’t depend on alliance level/fiefs, we all get the same boost lvl 1. We can just compare, my alliance is max and have around 60 fiefs and our monk has +100%, same for you ?


to Macamus:

I’m pretty sure the monk’s bm level is fixed by Flare and has nothing to do with our bm level. What if your bm is unlocked but you can use monk ? I’m sure your monk would still have bm power. At the same time, when we used to have a portal ogre or a blessing wolf, did their power dependon the level of our scrolls ? Of course I don’t have any way to confrim it but I do think we all had the same level of those special powers and in fact the blessing or portal from those special boosts were much weaker than the actual scroll.

Please bear in mind that monks are targeted by every ranged troop, including the cannon that usually shoots only mortars.

The question is, what is the range of this black magic of monks. If it’s less than arbs/cannons, then no problem to kill them without any bad consequences, by using ranged troops in your defense.

Can anyone test it’s range?

It has a good range like 5.5. So if you forge them to be 6.0 then they can get the cannons when they die.

Well it’s Friday, what is the ‘something special’?

It will be the usual 8x8000 gems give away (check facebook rr2 page) where nobody has the chance to win it and who will win, will be those people that downloaded the game the day before and will delete it the next day lol




Oh , you weren’t joking :slightly_frowning_face:

They give away 80x800 gems ( <- last post), seems reasonable…but hey we’re are passing from malicious monk to gems giveaway, let’s return on topic  :wink:

lol, fuck’d up sh’t like bfore. Flare f’off.

The problem, and I guess FG knows this, that old players (not be age…by the time they have been playing) will find it extremely difficult to play without gems, and so they will purchase it. New players have not tasted blood, so give them gems and make they habitual. Later if they continue, they will become played players.