Malicious Monks don't work on Defense!

What the hell?  

I was so excited about setting up my defensive lineup with Malicious Monks! 

Guess what? 

They don’t work!

And don’t tell me they meant it that way!’

That just means they meant to do it wrong!

Blessing Wolf heals on defense or offense! 

The Monk itself heals on defense or offense!

I demand a recall!

Almost all war seasons we passed have a special boost for offense and defence, if it doesn’t work is probably because it doesn’t have to work.

Probably people could setup their defense mostly with monks and make the defence a waste of time for you to beat it if you have continuously troops that copy yours and make additional waves in that base. That’s explain surely why they didn’t apply malicious monk in defence.

They could balance it.  Your argument is it might be over powering.  That might be true.  But Frenzy Frost Blasters actually have different values on offense and defense. 
Could take balancing is just an excuse.  It’s litterally their job to make the game work.  Let them earn all the gems we spend!

There are other war boosts that only work only on offense, and that’s fine. From the beginning I knew that these monks were going to be just for offense, because in defense it would have taken them to cast a spell on a defensive way (their Black Magic), and that would have been as weird as defensive Portal Ogres and Warp Rift Mummies. Also, think about loops, defensive Malicious Monks could have made possible infinite loops of units coming as both defensive and offensive side take units from enemies, so just put a couple of monks close to defensive monks and let the unit multiplication start 

Actually, no it wouldn’t create an infinite loop of Monks…

Because it takes the death of a monk to clone a monk.  1 for 1.

I don’t see the problem here. Flare made this special boost only for offense and that’s, clearly it meant to be like that. They didn’t say it will be for both offense and defense, the video they posted only showed its offense ability. It’s a special boost, we will have ot for 7 days, no one knows when will be the next time to play with it, either enjoy it or not. It’s quite fair to me, we got a tower for defense and a monk of offense, cool.

You’re missing the point, have you seen how many units do these monks close? Obviously they don’t clone just one, so when they clone the other monk, they’re cloning other units too, that’s how it would be possible to have an infinite loop of monks cloning and more and more units appearing.

Infinite loop only if there is always a monk nearby.

Yeah, we’re talking about that scenario, if there’s no other monk nearby, obviously there will be no loop.

Monks going head to head is an interesting scenario. 

Though a simple solution would be to limit the effectiveness of a Monk on defense against a Monk on offense.  Problem solved. 

And once again this is something Flare does.  The Frenzy Frost Blaster has different stats on Defense than on Offense.