Manowar looking for Heroes

Hallo to everyone.


The Manowar alliance has been founded a few month ago.

Now that i’m writing, it is level 7 with 8 members. But quickly growing.


In this alliance there is no special rule, noone is forced to do anything in particular, ever.

Periodic donations aren’t required. It’s in the best interest of every group member to donate, to make the alliance grow and unlock new boosts, but it isn’t mandatory.

Feel free to play in the way you like most.


The only issue is about inactive players:

inactive players are people that aren’t playing anymore. If they are not going to play again and the alliance at its maximum of players allowed, some inactive person may be expelled, in order to give a chance to play to other people still willing to partecipate.


I took the decision not to impose any rule because i like to play this awesome game with the spirit of fair playing and fun.


If someone is forced to donate or do something else, in order not to be expelled, the game is no more funny; and if the game isn’t funny, why are you still playing?


So join and become a true manowarrior for the fight for freedom.

Watch out for posers with similar names, only ‘Manowar’ are the true believers.


See you soon


  Eric Adams


     … not the real singer of the manowar band, …but … you know…just a fan… lol