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I have a couple of ideas and suggestions, around the last 2 months we have seen an absence of players in many alliances. I think the problem here is that there are many alliances and they continue to create more and more alliances, so what happens? = There are many alliances and few players. This generates an imbalance in the game and for us the players of yesteryear, it generates demotivation, I think that there are fewer and fewer players in this game and FLAREGAMES must take IMMEDIATE measures to reverse this.

My idea is:

1-Restrict temporarily the creation of alliances for a time.
2- Maybe require a minimum level of the player to create an alliance.
3- They could eliminate alliances that have more than 2 months and that have less than 10 active players.

4-A restriction to create an alliance could be that, you have to join several players to create an alliance, something like a company among several partners. Maybe at least 3 or 4 players must accept that contract to create an alliance.

Must understand that this is a problem, MANY ALLIANCES FOR FEW PLAYERS , this bores, since there is a balanced competition, demotivates players of old and for new players to see this little balanced competition are not interested in the game.

In conquest mode it would be excellent if the bastion button shines when you have full resources, just like when you have a donation available for the alliance.

Understand, we need to keep the players motivated! there are fewer.

I 100% disagree with this. For one thing, there already is a minimum amount required to make an alliance. You have to use gold to make an alliance, and anyway, there aren’t many alliances being made right now. And anyway, forcing players to join an existing alliance is a terrible idea. Part of the fun of alliances is building them from the ground up. I think if this was taken out of the game, even if just for a short while, the amount of players would still be dropping. We have to remember that this game is five years old. Not many games last this long, it is perfectly natural to have players start dropping out. What flare really needs to do is try to make new stuff in the game more often. It takes them a little too long to add completely new features, in my opinion

100% disagree will all points. its not really the way to deal and solve this problem.

a lots of good idea has been giving in the past like add a merge button or allow 1 time per year a fusion with others. We have ask a global chat who will allow everyone to say :

Hi we are the alliance Doom Brothers (sorry if you exist in the game its just a example) we are 15 members and looking for merge with others who are interested? 

global chat will solve all this problem since over 2 years. In a way

the other solution its only if people can stop be in alliance totally dead and stop to be stubborn to stay there same if its a heart breaking decision to abandon a level 60 or 70 alliance. Like olympus Rising we have start to ask for Fusion.

I have create my own alliances and its work because others members have gone their alliance and fusion with me. So better a low alliance but full healthy than a high alliance totally dead

Sadly the majority don’t read the forum so they have no clue the state of RR2 don’t allow anymore and the lack of players don’t allow to create more and more alliances

really hard to solve this problem other than fusion but where we can tell the others about this? no clue

Don’t worries all people here know all the alliance are half dead or totaly dead or half inactive,etc… with like 4/20 or 11/60 or 2/55 etc…

No place we can tell them to fusion each others. No global chat. So its the main problem. No way to communicate them and no private message box too make the game complicated

we cannot join a leader or general of a alliance. so the lack of tools its the main problem

Okey brother, I understand your point, then you think that the solution to everything is to create a global chat?
That of the global chat seems to me an excellent idea, but now imagines to be reading messages in all the languages of the world? The messages would be lost, do not you think?

In the case of us Hispanics it is very difficult to communicate with everyone, maybe a global chat with some options like “Chat in Spanish”, “Chat in English”, “Chat in Japanese”, “Chat in Russian”, etc. That would be ideal, do not you think?

Regarding the forum you’re right, very few enter the forum.

Another question is, the Game is 5 years old, but when have you seen an advertisement of the game? I have never seen any publicity of the game, neither on Facebook, nor on YouTube, anywhere, there are games that start and pay a lot of publicity, because FLAREGAMES does not do that?

You really do not think that a problem of the game is “MANY ALLIANCES FOR FEW PLAYERS”?

  1. Global chat are in all MMORPG or all online game you can play on mobile or on PC,etc because for one reason. You cannot have better tool then this to recruit new members and reach everyone at same time. So if you look by example you can write in the global chat

We are looking for a player level 80 who talk English and can be really active. Do War,Ninja Event,etc… Join Doom Brothers

or can be for a low alliance

We are looking for everyone. No restrictions needed. All level are welcome join Farming XP alliance

the best tool for fusion with others

2.Good Question. the game I play are all in English so i have no clue how the chat can be for others person like Spanish,Chinese,etc… the majority in the chat use their language and your scrolls up and down and read all

3.the only publicity for Royal Revolt 2 are in others Flare games like Olympus Rising when you watch a free video for a chest its always RR2 video

  1. Yes there is too much alliance in the game for the number of players. That why Fusion is the only solution. the person who have create his alliance must understand he is better dismantle it and join a already one

I have show a lot of time to Flare how they can do the global chat

The best global chat I have seen over all games I have play is in Dawn of Steel. Beautiful and don’t take place

so my idea is

Remove the black bar in bottom and just in up of the the Strongold icon put a yellow square with a planet icon

this will up a beautiful chat. Just make it appear more larger and in middle. Flare can add 3 sections : Globat for World, Alliance and private

this way we will have finally the tool we ask since a long long time to communicate


I think something is wrong in a game when you reach those decisions, of course there are alliances that must understand that point, disappear and join others, but boy, there are alliances with 20 active players who can not go to another alliance that only have 8 free spaces …
Now if you think so, "No problem we leave this alliance and we move on to another, in that lapse will disappear many players, sometimes some players are active just to support the alliance and its members who already formed friendship ties .

In my case, my alliance is 58/60, the issue is the ACTIVITY of the players and the integration of NEW PLAYERS, we no longer receive as many requests as before, that is why I propose that the problem is MANY ALLIANCES AND FEW PLAYERS .

I believe that a game goes badly when new alliances can no longer survive and they are forced to merge with other alliances, I think that is not the solution to this problem.

activity and integration not much we can do. i have try to motive them in Olympus Rising and I have lost over 200 players since 1 year. They don,t have any motivation and stop when they reach level 30. We have no clue why. We are not in their shoes. Only them know why they stop.

About integration same if you help them and give all advice. They stop playing anyway. So I don’t see much we can do

 you can give them the moon and they don’t care. Active player are very rare in those games. I play a lots of online game. Motivation and be active are 2 quality very rare to get in this game from someone

Someone can be active but don’t donate. Someone can be inactive but donate each day. Someone join but don’t care to help the team the only thing they want its the rewards. So its hard to find the right person

No clue why its so hard to find just a good player. donate,participate in all, speak its too much ask. Some join don’t speak and we don’t know what they do or think and suddenly you connect and bang inactive. Fine Kick. replace, kick,replace and so on…Valuable player are rare no clue but a good player with just motivation is rare

Woohoo! You left me surprised bro, we thought the same and you are right in your words!

Thanks for your time and for answering me

It is true what you say there are a lot of alliances and few players I totally agree with what you said what flaregames should do is to remove the option of creating alliances temporarily so that new or old players enter one we already know that they do not can force a player to enter an alliance but if he wants to grow at some point he will Another idea would be the formation of alliances once a year flaregames should seriously think of eliminating those inactive alliances of the game in each game will happen the same but it is up to them to give a definitive or temporary solution.  Lately it looks like flaregames is dying because of the lack of players

I have no clue what can be the real solution of this problem. Maybe global chat maybe something else. They cannot change the way to create a alliance. Like suddenly you need I don’t know level 100 and win 5 stars to create a alliance. Maybe too much radical. Stop people doing alliance not sure. So we hit a wall here. I search but not sure about the right solution  

Global chat is not a solution because flare has already said that it is not a feasible option. Though I think you are right that it would help with recruiting a little, there’s gotta be a better way to keep players in the game. One of the ways flare can do this, is by having new things keep being added into the game. Maybe like a storyline like in RR1. Something to interest the players. Perhaps there are two game modes - Story Mode and Free Play (or Multiplayer) Mode (which is the original mode that we have right now). Story mode would be like RR1, where you go through rounds and attack new kingdoms to obtain something special. Maybe have a couple hundred rounds or something. All I’m saying is there just needs to be something interesting that keeps the players busy

I agree but you know just build Conquest have take over 6 month. I don’t think player will wait 6 more month to have something interesting to do. So its complex to solve this. Specially in a fast way.Sadly RR2 need something right now and not in 6 month or 1 year. Number of players is critical. So build a Story Mode of course but will take too much time. RR2 run out of time