Many improvements idea

I was playing games many games like this and I enjoy this one but there are few thing that makes me upset.

  1. Social part of this game is unborn child.

Chat is only possible in alliance and its connected with connected/disconnected notifications. Its realy bad.

I think this game needs World Chat and never show this login messeges in alliance chat.

Add guild description and daily message.

Add ingame and alliance game. All players can send text messages to each other and of course set privacy settings ( block all, accept from all players, only alliance members).

Make some alliance changes to allow members help each others, like share resources or help with upgrades.

  1. Informational

Provide some statistic of player attacks and defence activity, general production and etc.

More information in player profile (with privacy settings). Alliance members can see another members cities and heroes.

I don’t feel that a world chat is that important for this game.  World Chat in mobile games are mostly trolled anyways and contains no useful context. Now to have private chat is a good idea.

в зале удачи после того как закончил угадывать сундуки, после выбора меню сдаться или продолжить за кристаллы, зачем еще раз надо ждать и нажимать мышью?? это совершенно ни к чему и только раздражает. нужно сократить подобные лишние команды и ожидания их.

World chat is useless anyways. I do not like it. This idea isnt good at all…


I agree with world chat,let’s team issue challenges to other teams, friendly banter is great :slight_smile:, I’ve also suggested this :slight_smile: