Many Invocation no gems

6 months tell now i didnt receive any gems from the attacker even i see that they use invocation on my map i tried to change the map alot to test new attacker uses invocation but also didnt get any gems from them even they use gems on me
How to solve this problem im already lost many gems i cant collect
I dont want to start new account im lvl 145
Ahmedx is my acount name

If you see the invocations and dont get gems, its a bug.

My advice is to change the map a bit, just one thing to make it reset the attacks. Then check the recent logs of attackers. If they use invos and no gems, will be easy to send a couple of screenshots and report the problem.

I reset the map alot but same problem i see invocation and no gems
I reported alot about this problem but no answer
I have this problem 6 months ago

You might be too low trophies for you level (4K trophies and lv144). In this case you receive no gem when the attackers use invocation.

Here’s how it works: you receive between 0% and 30% of the gems that the attackers spend for invocations. The percentage of gems that you receive depends on the relationship between your trophies and your ascension level. This is done to discourage people to intentionally drop their trophies to look “weak” while actually they have a very strong base.

Conclusion: it’s totally possible that one doesn’t get any gem at all from invocations on their base. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :joy:.


i like this feature. imho they should do even more if good accounts are neglected.
but how did you find out how it works?


Captain Morgane communicated about this several times. They even made a change for that at some point (I am not 100% sure about the “before” but I’ll try). Say the attacker spent 19 gems, you get 30% of that, so 5.7 gems.

  • Before: you got 5 gems, the 0.7 gems will be put aside and you’ll get them when the next fractions make it to 1 gem.
  • Now: you’ll get 6 gems.

I sort of agree, but high level doesn’t always mean good account. After the tweaks last year to the trophy/matchmaking system it’s very easy to get stuck in the high level/low trophy quicksand.

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What about im stucking at lvl 145 and 4500 trophies and cant even win 1 match to increase trophies cus all my island attackers is 20k + trophies

idk if it is due to a quicksand phenomena or due to neglecting farming and/or its own defense. or switched to another account and raise this one. i just dont get it when high lvl players make good VP or have high fame points or you see them on your list taking 14 or maybe even 15 points from you, but they just have 4k trophies. do they only attack high lvl players from time to time? do they get raided with -14/15 too s.t. they loose so much?
this is very very strange in my opinion and if it is not their own fault or they dont care about it, it is sad bc other suffer from this also.

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if you have +20k attackers on your list you should only loose -2/-3 trophies per raid.
if you have +20k trophs on your map you should get easily +14/+15 when raiding.
a lvl144 should not have problems with raids no matter which player is on your island. if this is the case maybe your raised too fast s.t. you do not have good items for your main hero. if so, work on that. in approx. 4 weeks you should be able to make a decent raider hero.

Q: is this your one and only account?

edit: the oponents on your map and thise you see on the attacking log have nothing in common.

Was not aware of that. Any source on forum?

It’s funny, now you asked about that I tried to Google, and couldn’t find any discussion about the 0-30% thing (I am quite sure that @dumpster is aware of this). Anyway, I found the quote about the changes in gems:

@CaptainMorgan Could you please enlighten us about the amount of gems one gets from invocations on his/her base? Is it a fixed amount of 30% of gems spent by the attackers, or is it between 0% and 30%, depending on the trophies vs. ascension level? If it’s the latter could you give a hint about the formula? Thank you very much!

Ill look through changelogs when I have a chance but it was an old change. I’m thinking 2017. And it wasn’t something well publicized. I got most of my info from alysea.

The main problem how im appears on island for rank 1 player and im only 4k :trophy: and how they attack me im not getting attacked by low trophies players all players attacked me above 50k and 100k and even they use invocation i get nothing 0 gems

What Dumpster said ^. When they remove the trophy cap, the cornerstone piece was: The more trophies you have, the less frequent you are attacked.

It does have its logic: the more trophies you have, the more chance what when you are attacked you lose 14-15 trophies, so the less frequent you should be attacked. The balance might hold if the most active players attack 5 times more frequently than less active players, except that it’s not true. The top players can attack hundreds times per day. If you are unfortunate and is matched with a few of them, then you stand no chance since each of them can attack you a few times per day. When you are attacked that much, your heroes are sent back home so you lose resources. You need Ambrosia that you don’t have to put them back to the high resource islands that are far away. You are stuck … And the icing on the cake is that the more trophies you have, the more successful attacks on your base are needed to send back a hero … so it favours the top (trophy wise) players even more!

P/S: you are matched with me :joy:


It doesn’t say you would get zero because of level or trophies difference. Thats the part I am interested, not the round up.

This is the update that changed how gems on defense works. May ‘17. Considering how drastically the trophy system has changed since then, it’s probably overdue to be reworked.

Edit: some discussion by @CaptainMorgan on the subject at the time. I’ll look for more. A possible fix to the trophy system


I know, I know. I wasn’t dreaming about reading about it more than I once, I just couldn’t find the discussions. Forum move, Google index might change, who knows. I spent a lot of time to find that 0-30% in the past but I can’t now. That’s why I asked Captain Morgan for help.

Edit: Dumpster just lent a hand 1mn before this post :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow… missed that. Thanks.

So I cant be calling out bugs for that. Lmao.

me also. but i joined the forum in april’18 and never observed not getting the right amount of gems, so i did never search for something like that.

btw.: does anybody knows where the other 2/3 (or 70%) gems move to? in a kind of jackpot or distributed to chest where they can be found or just back to FG?